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Pond Expert calls Organic Barley Pond Straw a First-Line, Eco-Friendly Solution for Algae Control in Fish Ponds

According to master gardener Mona Bawgus, barley pond straw is an effective, safe way to clean fish ponds that also aerates the pond. It is good for fish and helps maintain the delicate ecosystem in home and office ponds.


RENO, August 27, 2013 – Consumer horticulturist and certified master gardener Mona Bawgus is urging pond owners to use barley pond straw to naturally prevent algae blooms. This is the easiest and most effective way to keep pond water clean and support a healthy pond environment. Selecting a premium quality, organic barley pond straw is the ideal option. Free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals, organic straw doesn’t compromise the safety of fish and other pond life.

Having a pond can be a great asset to any property. Whether it’s an attractive water feature, home for fish and other wildlife, or a place to sit and relax, people enjoy many pleasures from having a pond. However, algae blooms can be the source of frustration for pond owners. This is where organic pond barley straw can be very advantageous.

Ms. Bawgus explains that using barley straw to cleanse water isn’t a new phenomenon: “Barley straw began to be used as an algaecide in England in 1990 for large reservoirs and canals.” Basically, as the straw is broken down by microbes in the water it releases chemicals that stop algae growth without causing detriment to other pond life. Ms. Bawgus points out that: “Overall evidence does suggest water quality will be improved over time with the use of barley straw.”

One of the best options for barley pond straw is available from Red Earth Naturals. This company specializes in certified organic straw to guarantee the safety of fish and other aquatic plants and animals. For individuals concerned that the application of barley pond straw is too time consuming, they’ll be happy to know that the straw comes in self-contained super-flow bags that can be tied to an area with moving water. This eliminates any mess and makes cleaning the pond very straightforward.

The length of time it takes barley pond straw to start to cleanse the water depends on temperature, as explained by Ms. Bawgus: “It takes one to two weeks at 68 degrees to be effective, and eight weeks at cooler temperatures.” Once installed, Red Earth Naturals’ certified organic barley straw for ponds will work to remove algae for two to three months.

Once decomposing, the time needed to effectively remove algae blooms will depend on the size of the pond, temperature and the quality of the water at the start of the treatment. As a general guide, Ms. Bawgus recommends approximately 0.8 ounces of straw per 10 square feet of surface area.

However, Ms. Bawgus explains that poor quality water will require additional treatment: “Very muddy pond water will reduce the barley’s effectiveness. A higher dose should be used with these heavy sediment waters, but not excessive; 1.7 ounces per 10 square feet. Do not exceed 3.3 ounces per 10 square feet.” It’s important not to apply too much straw because this will decrease oxygen, reducing microbial activity and threatening pond ecosystems.

Barley straw for ponds can be used all-year-round to keep water free from algae blooms. Although effective on its own, there are other natural treatment options that can be used in conjunction with straw. Bubble aerators can help to oxygenate the water and provide movement to improve pond health and limit algae blooms. Other good options include adding aquatic pond snails to feed on algae and submersible plants that use the nutrients needed by algae to grow.

Ms. Bawgus encourages pond owners to take advantage of the benefits offered by barley straw: “Barley straw is an inexpensive and environment-friendly first option for algae control.” By using Certified Organic Premium Barley Pond Straw  from Red Earth Naturals, pond owners are guaranteed a safe, effective and affordable means to keep their fish ponds healthy. Red Earth Naturals also provides a “5 Tips for a Healthy Pond” complementary e-book, offering practical advice on caring for ponds year round.


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