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How to Overcome the Confusion of Present Day Nutrition

Enter the 21st Century with a Nutritional System that is based on an ancient healing tradition. It takes the guesswork out of the molecular mumbo jumbo that creates nothing but confusion and gives us little present moment answers.


Foods Heal offers a entirely new approach to nutrition based on the energy healing science of Ayurveda. It is for those who are challenged with such chronic problems as interstitial cystitis or diabetes, but also for those who enjoy what appears for them to be in a good state of health.
Foods Heal gives the individual reader a fun unique insight into what foods bring about joy and balance in his/her life and what foods unknowingly bring about pain and disease. It offers a different perspective of a nutritional approach for those who want simple natural guidelines for eating and debunks the attitude that “I eat healthy” as a misnomer.
There is a difference between diet and nutrition.  While the former deals with what is being consumed, nutrition focuses on the strength and balance of appetite, what are normal and abnormal bowel patterns, and understanding abnormal sensations around the digestive process after eating. These are among many observations that illuminate how the body responds to the foods that are chosen for it as part of nutrition.
Using nutrition as a platform, Foods Heal shows the reader the difference between the current matter or molecular science model of healing/nutrition and that of the energy science healing model of Ayurveda. The matter science healing of today has a important place in healing far advanced disease. But the energy science model of healing offers us detoxification rejuvenation and the capability of disease prevention and real healing.
This type of energy science healing is particularly important for such chronic debilitating illnesses where the Western medical model offers little except pharmaceuticals. There is nothing particularly bad about drugs, but without insights into nutrition and lifestyle, the advice to use drugs is not a solution in and of itself. Such disease labels as interstitial cystitis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune disease, prostatitis, psoriasis, eczema, osteoporosis or acid indigestion and GERD begin a litany of treatable but not curable diseases from the pharmaceutical approach, Merely band-aids.  Even simple clinical problems such as constipation, diarrhea, and insomnia can be cleared with knowledgeable guidance and begins with appropriate natural guidelines revolving around nutrition.
The energy science healing model of Ayurveda can help us understand for the first time the origins of disease and how nutrition plays such an important role in the imbalances that are created by using foods that unknowingly provoke our physiologies.  When imbalances occur unarguable disease occurs in sub-clinical or pre-pathological conditions.
Habits are hard to deal with and Foods Heal discusses how making changes to our routines is a major first step in moving toward health through nutrition. The book offers knowledge about guidelines about what lifestyle choices are most supportive and conducive to health. The key to changing routines is to begin witnessing what we do. With these observations we can begin to make meaningful changes that can begin changing how we feel, the energy that we have, and normalize bodily functions that have been out of whack for years or even decades.  
Foods Heal is simple in its approach and elegant in its delivery of a promise to health and prevention of disease. It will change your life if implemented or at least get you thinking about your nutrition in a different way.


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