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US: Thursday, June 6, 7:30 PM most venues, thought-provoking sequel to American Drug War premieres limited showings in theaters coast to coast

Whatever side of the legalization of marijuana discussion you fall on, the movie American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny offers up new insights to the age-old debate. Get your tickets online at find your city and purchase tickets today.


Recently New York Mayor Bloomberg was quoted as saying “Medical Marijuana Is One Of The Greatest Hoaxes Of All Time", proving once again that although the scales seem to be tipping towards the legalization of this controversial piece of nature, the fight is a long way from being over.

Being highly aware of the over saturation of “POT DOCS” filmmaker Kevin Booth realized that if his new film didn’t break new ground it would be instantly swallowed up by the almost daily premier of marijuana related documentaries. This is how American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny takes its place in movie history. Until now, there has never been a film that focuses in on how our country’s archaic drug laws destroy the lives of children, families, and the basic fabric of our culture.

The main thread of this new film is the story of a young Montana family battling what has to be every parent’s worst nightmare. After their two-year-old son Cashy Hyde suffering with a brain tumor lies in a coma for 40 days, the hospital staff instructs the Hyde family to make funeral arrangements. #ADW2 hits hard and causes the viewer to think to himself  “If only the U.S. government would allow them to use the one thing that works?” Father Mike Hyde finds a man on the Internet named Rick Simpson who had cured his own cancer and hundreds of other people’s cancer with a modern version of ancient cannabis oil, right before fleeing Canada to avoid prison. Sound crazy? Maybe or maybe not until you learn that our own department of Health and Human Services obtained the patent to cannabinoids as medicine back in 2003. This alone is not that startling, but when you realize that because of all the “Bloomberg’s” in the world we are still arresting over 800,000 people per year for simple Marijuana possession.

Without giving a spoiler alert – the story starts with the Hyde family sneaking this illegal oil into their dying son’s feeding tube and soon a miracle takes place.  This is only the beginning of what becomes an emotional roller coaster. I recommend packing tissue.

As in American Drug War #1 director Kevin Booth puts himself in the middle of the story. Not able to have children of their own he and his wife become foster parents and soon find themselves being forced to administer powerful psychotropic medications to a young teenage girl.

#ADW2American Drug War 2 also takes the viewer across the Mexican border into a neighborhood where young boys are recruited by Cartels to commit murder for an average of forty U.S. dollars.

Whether for or against the movie’s subject, this documentary opens windows into little-seen life stories and blows open some myths, many times to the astonishment of the so-called experts in the field.

This new film has worked as a powerful conduit to bring activists together with entrepreneurs. Working with John English, who is devoted to Patients Out of Time, the only AMA and ANA accredited Cannabinoid Continuing Education Credits for doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals -- ANYONE with the desire to know the VERY GOOD NEWS of very likely this generations most remarkable medical science, via UC San Francisco School of Medicine  AND Florida based “”.

The film has the distinction of breaking ’s record for the most premieres in one evening.  The movie will actually screen for the first time publicly in seventeen major markets across the U.S. The TUGG screening system gives supporters of a film the opportunity to buy tickets ahead of the screening in order to show support for a film. The film only screens if enough tickets are sold, proving again the popularity of this topic. The film is also digitally distributed by Gravitas Ventures aided by Warner Brothers and is available now for pre-order via ITUNES.

“Working with has been a pleasure, without John and AL Byrne and Mary Lynn Mathre, co-founder’s of Patients Out of Time, spreading the word into more conservative areas such as Florida, we would not have reached the important and broader Florida citizenry at a time when Florida, THE largest big pharma pill mill state, is very close to medical cannabis legislation that is paramount to the national and global community.

Some of these screenings would have been next to impossible, until advance purchased tickets in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Tampa to help educate Floridians and be sure #ADW2 set the record for all premieres. It is very important that Warner Brothers and Gravitas come to understand the mainstream demographic appeal of cannabinoid medical science education. We can look forward to the stunning medical science ameliorating a plethora of ailments and maladies that now plague uncountable numbers of citizens of the world. We MUST stop the Veterans and Military Personnel suicides now every 81 minutes of every day with the well known and successful cannabinoid quieting of PTS.  
Mary Lynn Mathre, THE cannabinoid nurse, no question, will introduce the Miami screening, John English and others will introduce Fort Lauderdale, Jodi James of THE Cannabis Action and Jeff Kennedy, whose legal case was very important to S Florida, will intro West Palm Beach, and Cathy Jordan, a nationally prominent 25 year surviving through cannabis ALS patient and the soul of, and her long time care giver husband Bob will introduce Tampa.    
"I have been investigating the drug war now for ten years, and it never ceases to amaze me that most people only start to care when something bad happens to them or a family member, and by then its usually too late. Allowing the government to dictate what we can or cannot consume shatters the very basis of what our forefathers fought for. I obviously want people to see this new film, but I also want them to know that this is not about getting stoned. We spent over three years compiling this evidence and have boiled it down to 90 minutes in hopes that the average person can at least understand what’s really at stake.”  -Kevin Booth


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