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Celebrity Detox Diets: What to Avoid and Why

Celebrity detox diets are under the microscope. They can be a let down at best, and at worst, those that use hyper-detoxification methods can cause serious health issues. Natural detox and gradual cleansing is safer with longer-lasting results.


In every grocery store aisle, magazines featuring the latest celebrity diet or detox cleanse that helped everyone from Robin Quivers to Beyoncé and the Kardashians get ready for summer. Sadly, most of these celebrity diets and detox products don’t work. Millions of people taking these detoxes and diet fads seriously will not only be disappointed in the results, but are also at risk.
Crash diets that suggest quitting eating or reducing caloric intake to unprecedented lows will not only do harm, but depending on the type of cleanse or detox products used, can actually send messages to the body about how to use what few calories are coming in—a physiological mechanism that was well suited for our predecessors living in the wild, but one that doesn’t fare too well with overweight populations trying to reduce body fat and remove toxins.
The Liver Cleansing Diet, the Master Cleanse, the 21 Pounds in 21 Days Detox, and the Beyoncé Cleanse are just a few examples of good intentions gone wrong. Many who are eager to rid their bodies of toxins from marijuana or do a liver cleanse after a stint of unbridled living can wind up doing more harm than good—while also gaining weight.
This month, Fitness Magazine discussed the issue, warning readers to be cautious, and take away from detox plans what is useful and leave the rest behind. For example, a natural cleanse designed by physicians and done under doctor supervision can be beneficial. Another example is the Gwyneth Paltrow DietFitness Magazine notes while they’re not entirely “for” this type of cleanse, breathing, meditation, and yoga can all be beneficial to nearly anyone.
But, a note of caution to those detoxing for a drug test: When fat is burned, it expels drug toxins like THC into the bloodstream. Cannabinoids, the part of marijuana that alters consciousness, lives in fat cells. While losing weight is good for health, any detox plan that causes substantial and rapid weight loss will send toxins into the bloodstream until they can be removed by the kidneys and liver, which can take anywhere from 48 hours to weeks depending upon the amount of toxins within the body without the help of an all natural drug detox plan designed by scientists.


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