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Gluten in Medicine Disclosure Act Could Pass to Help Those Dealing with Celiac Disease & Detoxing from Gluten

If the Gluten in Medicine Disclosure Act proposed recently passes, medicines containing gluten will have to label themselves as such. This means good things for those with Celiac disease and people who detox by keeping gluten out of their diets.


It’s no secret that the gluten-free diet has caught on like wildfire across the US and Europe. Gluten-free food brands have skyrocketed in sales, and there is a whole set of demographics buying up the wheat-free goods from brands like Glutino, Udi’s, Applegate Farms, and Larabar, to name a few.
Gluten-free food options are a great choice for those who suffer from Celiac disease—a condition in which the body cannot properly break down gluten, causing abdominal pain and immunodeficiency issues. Those with Celiac disease can have severe reactions to gluten, and once they pinpoint this issue, cutting out foods that contain gluten usually puts these people back on the road to recovery and the road to better health.
But a whole other group of people are also buying up gluten-free items: “Health nuts,” as they are often referred to, as well as those interesting in detoxing the body. Those who are on the weight loss bandwagon, or those who feel they have over-indulged and want to cleanse the body of toxins will nowadays often turn to gluten-free diets, many times swearing they feel better, and have to detox less frequently when they switch to a diet entirely free of gluten.
And now, a new democratic bill introduced to the House could mean that medications will face the same type of labeling laws that food products must adhere to. Dr. Audra Sampson notes, “People with Celiac disease and other immunodeficiency issues need to stay away from gluten completely, not just in their meals, but in everything that they consume, including medications and supplements. I hope this bill does not get struck down because of big pharma’s huge lobbying ability on the Hill. It’s a much needed change that could quite literally save lives.”
The Gluten in Medicine Disclosure Act would require medications to disclose with a specific type of label (think the kosher ‘K’ or the vegan symbol, or the certified organic circle) when a medicine contains gluten. Likewise, drugs that do not contain gluten would be able to boast a “gluten free” label, very likely enticing the very same demographic of dieters and detox product users that are so fond of gluten-free foods.
The Gluten in Medicine Disclosure Act, brought to the floor by Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) and Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.) will soon face the judgment of other representatives. Those in favor of full disclosure in labeling, such as those with the anti-Monsanto movement, those in favor of GMO labeling, and those who like to detoxify for personal reasons will be standing by this measure for the long haul.


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