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Haririís death and the American Plan


Bismillah al-Rahman al-Raheem

Political Comment

The assassination of al-Hariri served as the spark after which the Lebanese opposition carried out a host of escalatory measures, which led to igniting the political scene in Lebanon and to the resignation of the Karami government yesterday; the region is expected to witness some serious developments aimed at shaping its future anew, and these will not be confined to Syria and Lebanon.

Rafiq al-Hariri’s inclination towards the opposition sponsored by France, which America has outmanoeuvred through Walid Jumblatt, was not the only reason behind his killing. America wanted also to ignite the fuse of events in the region, where the plans of its reshaping had already entered the execution stage, because the assassination of a man of al-Hariri’s calibre in such regional circumstances is enough to trigger a chain of events that affect the region and not just Lebanon, and this is corroborated by the developments that followed the event.

The events currently experienced by Lebanon and the region are neither local nor regional, but rather international. They demonstrate the existence of a host of plans and programmes aimed at fabricating events and generating new realities on the ground, resulting in widespread changes in the region.
It is imperative to remember that America has a project she refers to as “The Greater Middle East Initiative”. She has worked towards dragging Europe through NATO to partake in its implementation. Her aim behind all of this is to complete her plans in aborting any future move by the Muslims to confront the American led Western civilisation. America fears for her unilateral dominion from the threat posed by the Muslims’ surge towards revival on the basis of Islam, which will undermine her interests in the most vital region of the world.

In proceeding with her plans, America has succeeded in devising the international convention related to fighting “terrorism”, which is geared in the first instance towards fighting Islam, especially its relationship vis-ŗ-vis the state and society. She has succeeded in establishing a justification for her interference in any part of the Muslims’ lands under the pretence of fighting terrorism, and to even lay the foundations for what she called the pre-emptive strike, which will enable her to intervene without warning or justification. She has succeeded in executing most of what she had planned for, thus enabling her to move towards the following phase of her plans, which the current Bush administration is ostensibly determined to proceed towards implementing, especially now that she has determined their aims, namely to spread democracy, fight terrorism and settle the Middle East issue. All these aims pour into one single domain, namely the domain related to Islam, the Muslims and their lands.

It seems that America’s progress towards implementing her plans for the region in the current phase requires occasioning a host of changes that will affect Greater Syria and Egypt. Working towards settling the Middle East issue will be the utmost priority; this is indicated clearly by the acceleration of events recently. During his recent visit to France, king Abdullah called for the extending of the scope of negotiations to include Lebanon and Syria, who had declared in the wake of the visit two months ago by Terry Rod Larsen, the United Nations Middle East envoy, that she was prepared to enter into negotiations with “Israel” without any preconditions; Bashar Assad was even quoted by the Italian newspaper La Repubblica in its yesterday’s edition as saying: “We can withdraw our forces before the end of the year. Strategically, this can only happen if we get some serious guarantees, i.e. peace.” Despite Syria’s craving for linking the Lebanese and Syrian tracks together in the peace talks, the Israeli pullout from south Lebanon and the United Nations’ recent verdict that the Shebaa Farms were Syrian and not Lebanese, coupled with “Israel’s” persistence not to engage in talks on both tracks simultaneously, has left Syria with no options save for maintaining her presence in the Bekaa valley as stipulated by al-Taif agreement, according to her own interpretation, and it seems that Bashar’s recent statements regarding the peace process and his exploitation of the current pressures on Syria, coupled possibly with deliberate “Israeli” provocations and an appropriate prelude to be offered by the forthcoming Arab League summit in Algiers, all this could open the door of the peace talks on the Syrian track. As for the Lebanese track, the potential military frictions between Hezbollah and “Israel” once the pretext of “Israel” to remain on the lands of the south is nullified will enable the Lebanese regime to proceed in the peace process. Once the Lebanese regime enters into talks with “Israel” under the auspices of the United Nations, this will serve as ample pretext to disarm Hezbollah and for the withdrawal of the Syrian forces from the Bekaa for good, according to the al-Taif agreement and resolution 1559, which stipulates the disarming of the militias in Lebanon. Hence, the recent statement of Walid Jumblatt will be clearly perceived; he rejected the disarmament of Hezbollah, which indicates that he was luring Hezbollah towards joining the opposition.

As for the most prominent milestones of the current phase in respect of America’s execution of her plans in the region, it seems that they will be labelled by what appeared on the al-Jazeera channel, namely “the popular change”; this means enabling the masses to seize the initiative, which will spare America the burden of direct military intervention and the deployment of troops, especially in the cities. It is the lesson that America does not wish to repeat, especially after the bitter experience that she has endured and is still enduring in Iraq.
Part of the most prominent milestones will also be the fragmentation of the region, thus exploiting the presence of ethnicities, schools of thought and sects, and even the tribes. This will weaken the region further, after the experience of its fragmentation when the Western powers pounced on the Ottoman state, especially that the unrivalled American dominion over the world requires other weapons, which had already been tested and which had proven to be more devastating than military invasions. What is expected to happen in Iraq and Lebanon will not be the end of the road, because the incitement of ethnic and sectarian strife in a systematic and carefully planned manner is afoot in Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other countries of the “Greater Middle East”, so that its lands become susceptible to division and fragmentation. Another milestone will be America’s endeavour to integrate “Israel” into the region. Tunisia’s invitation to Sharon to attend a conference in Tunis is but a prelude to what has been mentioned that ten Arab countries are about to normalise relations with the Jewish state.

It seems that the roles expected from certain rulers, before they are swept away by the infuriated and at the same time deceived masses, will be to anchor certain “reforms” demanded by America, especially in respect of changing the curricula, corrupting the family under the pretext of liberating women and inflating the role of the so-called civil society’s institutions, in order to influence people and their concepts. The shelf life of certain rulers, who are competing in serving America and executing all what she wants in order to maintain their thrones, may be about to expire; the eagerness of those slaves to maintain their thrones, thinking that by offering their services they will gain the pleasure of America and dissuade her from sweeping them away and ending their rule, is reflected in the actions of the Saudi rulers who occasioned certain changes, such as the recent municipal elections and their continued persecution of people under the pretext of fighting terrorism. This eagerness is also reflected in the actions of the Jordanian monarch, who proves every time that he is always a forerunner in designing the pattern of submitting to America and proceeding in the path of her reforms. In addition to what Syria is undertaking in terms of progress towards the “reforms” required by America, and what has been achieved in terms of changes that affected the political life, including the status of the old guard, and in terms of changes that affected the economic life, Bashar Assad is expected to introduce a number of fresh changes to the forthcoming national conference of the Syrian Baath party; the external political pressures will assist in endorsing these changes. As for Mubarak, the ruler of Egypt, he has responded to America’s recent calls to make Egypt the leader of the reforms process in the region, thus obeying his masters and realising America’s ability to execute what she wants irrespective of his wishes, though he may be unperturbed about the fate of his reign in the next presidential term, which explains his compliance and confidence in proposing the multi-candidate elections and instructing parliament to review article 76 of Egypt’s constitution. The aforementioned examples about the reality of the rulers act as ample proof of the eagerness of those slaves to hold on to their thrones, thinking that by offering their services they would gain the pleasure of America and dissuade her from thrusting them aside and terminating their rule. However, what those traitors and others are doing will not make America shed one single tear when she discards them as she did with the Shah of Iran and Abdul Rahman Wahid, and as she got rid of Arafat and others, especially now that America’s unilateral dominion has turned the race by certain states to snatch such agents a futile exercise.

What is happening on the ground in Lebanon is not a local issue as we mentioned earlier. The French, who deem the Maronites their historic allies and feel responsible for their protections and wellbeing, resist any amendment to the Lebanese constitution because they fear that it may lead to upsetting the sectarian structure they had devised at the beginning of the last century, which gave their allies the Maronites the lion’s share in ruling matters; they also reject the settling of the Palestinians for the same reason. On the other hand, America is indifferent towards the French and the Maronites fears; she is rather concerned with disrupting the sectarian balance in Lebanon in order to exploit it as a prelude to propose the federation, which America deems as the perfect solution to multiethnic countries. George Bush succeeded during his recent European tour and especially after his talks with Chirac, in laying the common ground between America and certain European states, with whom he had dealt harshly in the past, with the aim of exploiting them to achieve America’s plans by inviting them to turn the page and by warning them of the Muslims’ threat and the necessity to avert it, by working together towards introducing democracy and reforms to the Middle East region.

Dear Muslims in Lebanon and Syria…

Lebanon is no more than a mountain that France had inflated until it became a state. Hence, the solution to the problems of Lebanon lies in its return to its origin, and the solution for Syria and her issues is her return to her origin as part of the Islamic State, through the endeavour of the sincere individuals to exploit this exceptional situation and seize the initiative from America, France and the states of the Kafir West, to restore the authority of the Ummah so that she may reclaim her Islam, which certain thugs prevent her from referring to and implementing it, while bragging about their loyalty and concern for the Ummah and her issues. It would be wrong to say that only some military and influential personalities should shoulder this burden, because the Ummah is ordered to influence these persons and exhort them to proceed towards changing the situation. The Ummah is even capable of deterring those who wish to abort her progress towards achieving the change. The coveted change will not be achieved by panting behind America, because the Ummah will be the real loser due to these conceptions, especially that we witness what has occurred in Iraq and how people sobered up from the big lie of the liberation, which will not effectively occur unless we break away from the shackles of the Western civilisation and what it yielded in terms of tools that the colonial powers had used to humiliate the Ummah, over whom those states are now shedding crocodile tears under the pretext of lack of democracy and the presence of dictatorial rule.

Dear Muslims…

The sincere individuals must not keep silent over the current events. America and the Kafir West are clearly preparing for a fresh round of initiatives aimed at alienating us further from our Islam, destroying the prospects of ridding ourselves from their yoke, concentrating their influence and plundering the resources of our lands. If we in our quality as Muslims fail to perceive what is plotted against us and if we fail to move and sacrifice in order to salvage ourselves, America will drag us towards serving her and we will with our own hands place our fates, our honour and the riches of our lands in the hands of the Americans for decades, Allah forbid.

“And incline not to those who do wrong, or the fire will seize you” T.M.Q. [11-113]

Hizb-ut-Tahrir 20 Muharram 1426h
1st March 2005


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