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The Liver Detox Trend: How It’s Different from Professional Grade Detox Products and Why You Need to Know the Difference

Liver detox programs and The Master Cleanse are all the rage right now—but they won’t help pass a drug test, and can be dangerous when those who parttake don’t take in any carbs, or other sources of nutrients this detox is completely barren of.


The Lemon Detox, also know as the Lemonade Cleanse or “Master Cleanse” has been around since the mid 1940s, yet lately, it has become one of the hottest new trends in the diet, health and wellness, and detox product industries despite its lack of vetted scientific review or factual data to support how efficacious or good it is for the body.
But what most people are not aware of is that these types of cleanses are extremely harsh, and while they can garner great immediate results in weight loss, the weight generally comes right back within one month’s time if the person who did the detox does not keep up with a regular, rigorous regimen of diet and exercise.
Many people trying to pass a drug test are turning to the Master Cleanse, which can be dangerous. The Master Cleanse is an extreme fast in which all participants ingest are lemons, water, sea salt, and maple syrup for a period of ten days or more.
“To being, a quality detox product that will cleanse your body of toxins in order to pass a drug test works because it cleanses the THC and other drug residues from the body’s cells, tissues, organs, and bloodstream.” This is something the Master Cleanse cannot do—in fact, because of the rapid pace at which it burns fat, THCA is sent back into the body’s system—this is because THCA and cannabinoids are stored in the fatty stores of the body, and once released back into the bloodstream, will cause a failed urine test until a true detox product or dilution method is used to flush the toxins out of the body for good.
It is not necessary, in most cases, for a person to have to do a ten day or even seven day cleanse in order to pass a drug test. A quality detox product free of adulterants and masking agents can offer permanent cleansing of all organs and cell tissues of the body within three to five days on average.
For those seeking a permanent detox product that will work better for the purposes of passing a drug test than the Master Cleanse (and a whole lot less painfully to boot) try the Permanent Cleanse line of products from


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