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Top Weight Loss Program Introduces Healthy Effective Weight Loss, New Smart Phone App with Support, Tracker and Free Prizes

Top healthy weight loss program recently announced new tools and rewards to help support weight loss that is centered around losing only fat, keeping lean muscle, and keeping the weight off long term.


For over five years, a leucine powered, healthy weight loss program has been quietly helping thousands of people be successful with anywhere from a 10-15 pound weight loss goal to well over 200 pounds of total weight and fat loss. Leucine is an amino acid that signals the body to hold on to lean muscle that burns calories best, and lose only fat during weight loss. Pound for pound, muscles burn more calories than fat, even during sleep. On conventional diets, up to 40% of weight loss may be muscle loss, making it easier to regain weight, factoring in the lost ability to burn calories effectively with less muscle.

Vicki Zerbee, 180 Specialist from† states, "The first thing important in weight loss is your health. You donít want to lose weight and then get sick. So itís essential to find a nutrition based program where your body can do well on your diet and you are able to set yourself up to keep off the fat and the weight that you lose. Fortunately, we can offer a program exactly like this, and the good news is that it is very do-able, very healthy and we have this cool app that helps you track progress, shows exercises you can do and you can even win prizes. Youíll feel great on a diet, and thatís not something that you traditionally experience.Ē

One of the benefits of a healthy weight loss program that promotes muscle retention is losing inches ahead of significant pounds. Clothing fits better with inch loss and is very encouraging for commitment to the weight loss program. The subsequent numbers that go down on the scale begins to kick in behind the inch loss and is encouraging to the dieter who is keeping muscle and losing unwanted fat. Real, sustainable weight loss happens over weeks and months and when the body is satisfied nutritionally.

Clinical study participants, on this leucine based, healthy weight loss program, lost almost all weight from fat while retaining nearly all of their lean muscle. They lost 4 inches from around their waists and almost 3 inches from their hips in a 12 week program. That is a reflection of fat loss. Thousand of people who have used the program in the past five years report similar and better experiences. A safe and realistic goal is losing an average of 1-2 pounds per week.

Zerbee shares, "If you think about it, people go on an average of 4 diets per year. Each time you lose some muscle along with fat. So each time you mess up your metabolism that helps you burn calories. Doing this over and over again you end up with less muscle and poor metabolism. Itís a cycle that leaves you frustrated and very unhappy. What you really need is a healthy way to lose only fat and keep all that nice, lean muscle that helps you keep your weight off. This is why I am getting the word out about leucine.Ē

To learn more about the top weight loss program powered by leucine, as well as the smart phone app with all of its content, visit:†


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