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How the MELT Method Can Help With Chronic Pain

Recently, Dr. Oz brought two experts on his talk show to offer solutions for chronic pain and weight loss. These experts offered unique insights into how the human body works and how to use exercise and diet to regain excellent health.


People who live daily with symptoms of muscle and joint pain know how distressing chronic pain can be.

Chronic pain restricts the activities you participate in and can leave you miserable when it is at its worst.†In most cases, constant pain is a sign of an underlying disorder.

For example, chronic pain is one of the distinguishing symptoms of fibromyalgia.

However, there are a number of effective techniques for relieving chronic pain.

The MELT method is one such technique.†The MELT method is a self-treatment system for eliminating chronic pain. It was devised by Sue Hitzmann, a holistic health expert, and recommended by Dr. Oz.

The MELT method involves simple and short exercises that can easily be done at home. This exercise method only requires a soft treatment ball and soft body roller (or foam roller).†As Sue explained on The Dr. Oz Show, our daily movements cause cumulative stress and inflammation in the muscles and joints.

To relieve this stress and the associated chronic pain, simple exercises that cause connective tissue dehydration are required.

Sue recommends exercising with the techniques of the MELT method for 10 minutes every day.†One commonly recommended example of Sueís techniques only requires a foam roller. To melt away your chronic pain with this technique, simply lie on your back on the roller so that the length from your head to your tailbone is on the foam. Then bend your knees and keep your feet planted flat on the floor.

Sue recommends that you rock your body slightly for half a minute before tucking and tilting your tailbone while keeping your ribs still. These movements should be repeated with your hands on your ribs and then on your pelvis and collarbone.

There are more such techniques to eliminate chronic pain in Sue Hitzmannís book on the MELT method.Besides exercise, diet also plays an important role in eliminating chronic pain.

For example, experts usually recommend fibromyalgia that patients avoid pro-inflammatory foods.†

Dr. Oz recommends resetting your fat loss hormones if you want to get rid of your belly fat and reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes and chronic pain. Along with another guest (Dr. Natasha Turner) on the show, Dr. Oz explained the benefits of adopting hormone diet and carb sensitivity program.†

According to the two experts, these dietary changes will help you lose weight, get rid of belly fat, reduce food cravings, control your appetite and improve your energy level. †

To reset your fat loss hormones and enjoy these benefits, Dr. Turner recommends that you eat more protein. Increasing your dietary protein can help you control your blood sugar and reduce insulin levels.

This diet can help your body utilize carbs more efficiently while reducing the risk of insulin resistance and diabetes later in life.

The best proteins recommended by the doctors for losing weight and staying healthy are those with low fat content. Therefore, get your protein from foods such as shellfish, low-fat cheese, turkey and chicken.

If you want to melt away your chronic pain, you should try Sue Hitzmannís MELT method. To melt away your belly fat, try Dr. Natasha Turnerís hormone resetting method.

Both of these health practices are recommended by Dr. Oz.


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