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Dominique Richard – Medical Pioneer Ahead of His Time

Dominique Richard has spent nearly 37 years studying and researching embryonic photochemistry, blood chemistry, hematology, flow cytometry, and immunotherapy. He enjoys a world wide reputation as the world’s authority on embroynic plant stem cells.


New York, NY – An expression hear often is, “We put a man on the moon in the 1960’s and yet in the 2010’s we still can’t cure many diseases.
You can fill in the blank with almost anything: an affordable pen that writes upside down, satellite dishes that don’t fail every time the wind blows too hard, human jetpacks, a cure for cancer… the list goes on and on. 
Humans have an unquenchable drive to explore, discover, and invent.  Indeed, the pioneering spirit of the human race is what defines us as a species.  No matter what previously-unimaginable advance we make, we always want more.  And in no industry is that statement more accurate than in the medical field.

In fact, progress in the medical industry happens so quickly and so often that we tend to forget those important figures in history who laid the groundwork for modern medicine.  Who remembers these names?

  • Crawford Long was the first to use ether during surgery.
  • Elizabeth Black broke the gender barrier in medicine.
  • Christiaan Barnard performed the first heart transplant.
  • Frederick Banting was the first to isolate insulin.

Chances are pretty good that you’ve never heard any of these names before, yet each played a critical role in the advancement of modern medicine.  Well, you can add another name to the list: Dominique Richard.

Dominique Richard has spent nearly 37 years studying and researching embryonic photochemistry, blood chemistry, hematology, flow cytometry, and immunotherapy.   He enjoys an international reputation as the world’s foremost authority on embryonic pharmacology, phytochemicals, and phytohormones.  And he has two pending patents that will potentially (and perhaps permanently) change the course of modern medicine.  
At a time when the marketplace is flooded with synthetic drugs whose potential side effects seem to far outweigh the medical problems the drugs are supposed to be helping, Richard says of his work, “I believe in the efficacy of a natural approach to very real medical problems.  The advancements we’re making in my field could be the catalyst that changes the way the medical community views disease.”

At this point, it’s realistic to expect that we’ll be including Dominique Richard in that list of forgettable names that made unforgettable contributions to modern medicine.  In fact, his inclusion on that list might look something like this:
  • Dominique Richard was the pioneer who discovered plants (and NOT synthetic engineering) were the key that unlocked the mystery of human disease.

Let’s hope so.


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