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Dave Adams: The Availability of Quality Shearling Pelts continues to diminish for the production of High Quality Domestic B3 Bomber Jackets

“Last year, there were only three high quality bomber jacket production line shops in the United States, and this year, there are only two left.”


( – Noting the increasing shortage of quality U.S. production of B3 Shearling Bomber Jackets, Dave Adams, owner and founder of American Mistique, a business devoted to USA Made Bomber Jackets, issued the following statement:

”Over the past five years, the American Leather Apparel Industry has undergone a brutal beating at the hands of the Chinese. It is bad enough that much of our textile industry has already been transplanted to China and other countries, but five years ago, the Chinese started to buy up every bundle of American and French produced sheepskin pelts it could find and everywhere else around the world.

This caused two major shifts in the American Made Bomber Jacket Industry; a huge spike in tannery pricing, and a deep shortage of quality shearling pelt to make B3 Bomber Jackets, what was once called the Patton B3 Bomber Jacket (the current General’s B3 Bomber Jacket), B9 Shearling Bomber, and the RAF Shearling Bomber Jacket. Production Plants ran out of quality Shearling Pelts far early in the fall season and Retailers found themselves filling orders as late at Six Months after purchase.

The wholesale prices of these high demand, high quality Shearling Bomber Jackets ascended to unheard of numbers; from a quality B3 Bomber Jacket Retailing Price in 2008 of $249.99, spiking upward in just a 3 year period to $799.99, with a today price of $1,249.00. The tanneries had long remained within standard and normal price limits, but due to the purchasing power of the Chinese Government, the tanneries now demanded high scale payment and now we must all pay it.”

”That short three year period also witnessed a hurting shortage of quality Shearling pelts for the production of B3 Bomber Jackets. The Chinese had bought up everything of real worth leaving the leftovers for American Production Lines to pick over.

Some Bomber Jacket production shops closed their doors and others just stopped buying Shearling Pelts, as the Chinese became the new 800 Pound Seller in the marketplace and used their old habits of monopoly ---demanding rocketing hikes in price of previously contracted pelts --before delivery. American Production Lines were held hostage against their own home grown pelts. Last year, there were only three high quality bomber jacket production line shops in the United States, and this year, there are only two left. Now we must ask ourselves how long before there is only one, or none.”

”The problem is ‘Uggs’, a Chinese product that hit the fashion market around the world. And to sell these small sheepskin boots to young girls, and make money with their devalued currency, the Chinese manipulated the purchase of Shearling Pelts marked for the production of American Made Bomber Jackets.

The entire Shearling Wholesale and Retail market saw a $1.00 a square yard standard price overnight become $8.00 yard, and soon as high as $10 to $11 a yard per quality pelt and because the production lines were suddenly hesitant to stock many pelts at these new and uncertain, nevertheless outrageous prices, shortages became the norm. These prices have not stabilized yet as they are now not guaranteed to Retailers past a three month span.”

”Until ‘Uggs’ finally drop in popularity in the fashion world, the future of Shearling production for B3 Bomber jackets with the United States will remain in deep peril. Since 2008, the trend is shaky as best, with the loss of more production lines in the Apparel Industry due to Chinese intrusion. Will there be an American manufacturing line, producing a USA Made B3  Bomber Jackets in the near future? I certainly hope so, but the issue is in doubt.”

Mr. Adams is Owner and Founder of American Mystique and lives in Minnesota with his family.


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