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Astounding 216 Year Old Deception Discovered: Congress Used Legislative Not Judicial Power to Create U.S. Supreme Court and Federal District Courts.


Torrance, California July 8, 2006 - The question, “Why is America hated worldwide,” is answered by the new book, WHAT HAPPENED TO JUSTICE? The world senses our deepest darkest secret - There can be no Justice in the United States. America is living a lie. There is Liberty and Justice for none, because Congress refused to establish federal judicial courts in 1789.

Federal law was first written 216 years ago by the First Congress, just after 9 States had ratified the United States Constitution. That Congress institutionalized injustice in the federal courts. Over a period spanning two centuries this law has become an almost impenetrable maze of legal jargon that is not even understandable by senior members of Congress.

Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera, Juris Doctor, UCLA 1971, and Christopher M. Hansen, computer expert and legal researcher, have gone back to the very first acts of the very First Congress and discovered America’s greatest judicial cover-up.

Dr. Rivera and Mr. Hansen subjected these laws to computer analysis and the two California legal scholars made an astounding discovery. The United States Supreme Court and the federal trial courts have no judicial power. It has always been impossible to get Justice in a federal court.

This amazing revelation has just been made available in the first book they have co-authored entitled: What Happened to Justice? Why You Can’t Get Justice in Federal Courts and What to Do About It. The book is vailable as a downloadable electronic book of 113 pages or as a complete searchable CD-ROM, which includes the research they relied on.

Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera found the first crack in the United States Code three years ago. He discovered the one sentence in the Judiciary and Judicial Procedure Code that when correctly read, reveals the entire Code to be limited to federal territory.

Discovery of the meaning of the first sentence to appear in Chapter 5 is the key to deciphering the entire Code. “Sections 81-131 of this chapter show the territorial composition of districts and divisions by counties as of January 1, 1945.” That one sentence signaled the presence of an ancient law wrongly interpreted till now.

On September 23, 1789 Congress created a non-judicial Supreme Court by creating unsecured compensation for a Chief Justice and associate justices instead of the judges provided by the Constitution. The next day a Supreme Court different from the one established by the Constitution consisting of a Chief Justice and five associate justices was set up to do government business.

The early federal Circuit and district courts were created without using the judicial power of the United States that process has continued. A computer search confirms that the federal courts established by the Judiciary Act of 1789 have remained without judicial power. Congress used its legislative power to create these courts and it has not added judicial power since that creation 216 years ago.

It is impossible to get the Justice promised in the Preamble to the Constitution in a federal court because these courts are not of the judicial branch. Thanks to Dr. Rivera and Mr. Hansen the people of the world will now be able to learn why there is no Justice in America.

Victims of the United States federal government non-judicial courts are buying WHAT HAPPENED TO JUSTICE? for the proof of what they have long suspected. Justice delayed is Justice denied. Going without Justice for 216 years is a national disgrace these victims say.

Opponents of the Iraq War are hailing this discovery as a way to end that war. Liberty and Justice cannot be forced on Iraq by military action, if the United States has none to share.

Federal capital punishment and other imprisonments are being imposed without the possibility of Justice for the accused. Federal criminal punishment must immediately cease until Constitutional Article III judicial courts are established.

Medical marijuana advocates see an end to federal interference with critically ill patients who use “pot” as medicine provided patients do not take their medication on federal territory.

Supporters of assisted suicide see Rivera and Hansen’s discovery as a way to protect doctors from federal interference and criminal prosecution.

For a limited time anyone with an Internet hookup can get access to and preview their book and research for free at:



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