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My Cocaine & Heroin (Soda & Bacon Cheeseburgers) What are Yours?

Excerpt from Sensei Paul Wayne Bowman’s new book, “Help Me Stop Eating _____! Stop Food Cravings. Reclaim Your Body & Your Brain.”



This article is an excerpt from Sensei Paul Wayne Bowman’s new book, “Help Me Stop Eating _____! Stop Food Cravings. Reclaim Your Body & Your Brain.” Now Available at for only 99 cents during this Launch Promotion. Get this book for free starting on 10/6/2012 at about 3 am EST. This Amazon Free Promotion will last anywhere from 1-5 days depending on results.
“I am very grateful that the messages from the Elementary School Health classes, warning of the bad effects and instant/powerful addictions, were effective in keeping me away from things like cocaine & heroin. Soda and bacon cheeseburgers did not come with such effective warnings.”
“I am sure that many of you can relate to similar feelings and if not for these foods, then for chocolate, cheese, chips, sweets…?”
“One of our biggest motivators is to seek pleasure. Not always in our best interest, but it is a survival mechanism that keeps us eating and assures reproduction. If you manage this pleasure/pain motivator correctly and listen to your body, you will also know that exercise feels good!”

“Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers. The more pleasurable an experience, the more dopamine is released. When this happens a deep association and connection is formed with anything surrounding that pleasure. The sights, smells, feel and tastes of good food are burned into your memory. For the majority of human existence we were hunter gathers and this served us well, but now with processed/engineered food this basic instinct can now often be misguided.”
“I believe that there is one key element missing from most warning and educational messages about drugs. The one time that I saw this well presented was by Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. What did he say? “Drugs make you Feel Good!” Cocaine, heroin and other drugs are designed to trigger your brain’s pleasure center to such a degree that a user will often CRAVE it again and again, no matter how bad the consequences are.”
“Someone also designed chocolate, cheese, chips and sweet treats. These foods can stimulate the same part of your brain that is affected by heroin and cocaine, which gives these foods a high potential for addiction. In addition these foods give us little to no nutrition or long term energy.”
“Many of these foods act as opiates. When researchers gave subjects opiate blocking drugs, the cravings for these foods just about disappeared. Sorry, opiate blocking drugs are not the answer. They are not good for your long term health, but there are other answers.”
“You’re not going to tell me to stop eating _____________ (fill in the blank: chocolate, chips, cheese, sweets, meat) are you? I would rather be fat and die.” No, I will not go that far, but you should recognize if you have a compulsion /addiction toward any of these foods and treat it as such. There are effective ways to overcome these addictions.”
“Just as with alcohol, not everyone gets addicted and not everyone gets addicted to the same foods.”


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