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Synthetic Urine Still Illegal to Pass A Drug Test

For US workers and civilians facing urine tests for work or legal reasons, synthetic urine will no longer work--and tampering with urine samples is still illegal in all 50 states.


Every day, thousands of Americans usher in and out of drug testing clinics all over the country as part of the pre-employment screening process. Many who are fearful that they will not be able to pass a drug test will opt to use synthetic urine to fool drug test facilities and the technicians that work there. But the technology that determines the results of even a rapid drug test is now advanced enough to detect synthetic urine in most cases. But according to the Washington Times, workers have rights, and even in the wake of Reagan’s 1988 Drug-Free Workplace Act, civil rights that involve discretion with regard to privacy should be expected to trump any so-called “Drug War legislation.”
For those who are trying to pass a drug test for probation or for other legal reasons, not passing is the least of concerns if caught with synthetic urine—tampering with a urine sample is a crime, and a punishable offense, one which most judges will take seriously for those who are already known offenders, on parole, and on probation.
Up until very recently, many users on drug forums across the Internet, including,, and boasted they could easily pass any drug test with “fake pee” sold by a company called QuickFix. Over the past six months, however, chats on such forums have gone from sweet to sour, with many claiming failed drug tests which required secondary testing. In many cases, these second-time test takers will have to be observed during sample collection.
An anonymous user on one drug forum stated, “Wow. What a kick in the teeth. I got the dreaded call that my “urine” came back from American Toxicology in Las Vegas as substituted, not human specimen. I actually got brought into HR where the manager and director calmly questioned me. They said that they had caught Quick Fix a few times before, and that that was the reason that they used American Toxicology. Interestingly, AT had signs on its walls warning that they could detect synthetic urine. I thought, of course they’re going to say that. Joke’s on me.”
Those facing pre-employment drug testing need to know that breaking the law and losing out on a job opportunity is not necessary, and there are many natural, safe, and healthful ways to detox for a drug test. Some may require the help of health care professionals while others—generally those who have been exposed less to drug toxins—can easily prepare for a urinalysis with passing results in two weeks or even less in some cases.


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