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Mentor for Women Entrepreneurs Reveals How to Build Higher Purpose Businesses


SYDNEY, Australia September, 2012 – In Chinese philosophy, the Tao is the “way” or the path to harmony. It is probably best known in the western world via the concept of Yin and Yang – the essential balance of all things by the interaction of polar opposites. The ancient Chinese view is of perfect symmetry in the dualistic nature of day and night, fire and water, active and passive, masculine and feminine.
According to the Taoists, all things have both Yin and Yang properties and business is no exception. And yet, modern business clearly exhibits very strong masculine (Yang) essence or energy. We see it manifested as a bias for action, dominating markets, beating the competition, carving up territories, etc. This is primarily because the “game” of business is a game created by men but female entrepreneurs are on the rise, bringing their own unique balance of Yin to the business world.
But with the new world of complex and rapid change, social media, and global marketplaces, this seemingly outdated model of Yang energy is finding limited effectiveness. It is the rising power of the SME that has changed the game. The plethora of home-based and micro businesses, internet businesses, mumpreneurs, solopreneurs and freelancers have allowed a re-writing of the rules of the business game. Because of their small size they provide a perfect opportunity for a more feminine model of business and entrepreneurship.
One of the inspiring things that women have brought to the world of business has been a much more overt examination of purpose and meaning. They will often start their businesses around their personal values, their families, their causes, their desired lifestyles, their passions and their natural gifts, which means they are more likely to search for how to create a Higher Purpose Business.
A successful business must deliver some level of financial return on investment – a business that doesn’t have a sound strategic model driving it, that doesn’t make some return, won’t be around very long. The Yang says “How can you fulfil a higher purpose when the business isn’t making money?”  but the Yin says “Pursuit of the almighty dollar in isolation is soul-less.”
The key is a new model of heart-based business and entrepreneurship which integrates both masculine and feminine energy - this is the essence of Yin Yang.
Politically, economically, in business, sport and at home we are seeing a rebalancing of masculine and feminine energies. Feminine energy is the intuitive, creative, heart centred approach that brings flexibility and flow. Masculine energy is the rational business logic that gives the needed structure to  business so that it can make money and support the business owner.

We need both. And of course all of us inherently have both. It’s Yin and Yang.
David Solomon specialises in mentoring women entrepreneurs who are spread too thin and “doing it all” with little or no support. He helps make their business work for them so they have time for themselves, their families and their passions. Go to for the free report “A Successful Business and a Life – How you can have both"


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