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Noise Generator Helps Produce Perfect Night’s Sleep

Sound Machines Direct Carries Medication Free Alternatives to Promote Restful Sleep


Waseca, Minnesota, August 21, 2012 - Few things make a person feel worse in the morning than a sleepless night. Distracting noises just as one is about to drift off will jerk them wide awake.  Now what? More tossing and turning and eventually right on the edge of somnambulistic bliss and THERE GOES THAT DOG AGAIN!  Sound familiar? Michael Zimmerman, CEO of Sound Machines Direct,, understands the frustration and annoyance. He’s been there too.
“Yes, I have pounded my head into my pillow in frustration because neighbourhood noises kept me awake. For a long time, I didn’t think I could do anything except maybe take some over-the-counter sleep aid or get a prescription,” he said. “But a lot of those things are addictive and, well, it’s just more drugs my body didn’t need. There had to be a better way.”

Mr. Zimmerman began to investigate reports of white noise machines that helped people get a full night’s rest.

“I know it sounds counter-intuitive - more noise means a better sleep. But it does work. The trick is the right kind of noise,” he said. “A sound machine generates the right kind of sounds that help soothe a person to sleep.”

Sound Machines Direct offers a number of different sound devices including white noise, spa, and nature sounds like rain, waterfall and surf. The Marpac Dohm DS, one of the most celebrated sleep aids on the market, is sold by Sound Machines Direct.
“These soothing sounds are proven to help people sleep. Just imagine the last time you went to sleep during a gentle rain. That sound helped calm you and you just went right out,” he said. “The sound of surf and a waterfall do the same thing.” These noises help because they are predictable and safe. There are no unexpected jarring sounds. People who work split shifts or night time also benefit greatly from these sleep machines, Mr. Zimmerman said.
“Daytime almost always brings a lot more noise than nights, so people who must sleep in the day do have special challenges. These white noise generators work to block out the daytime sounds and replace it with consistent patterns at consistent volumes,” he said. “The consistent volume thing is also very important.”
Sound machines are also helpful in creating a private atmosphere especially where office privacy is needed, Mr. Zimmerman said the sound masking ability of the noise generators makes it very hard for others to eavesdrop while two or more people can carry on a quiet conversation with ease. Sound Machines Direct offers a wide variety of white noise generators with options that include:
• Clocks
• Multiple sound choices
• International and travel models
• Ear bugs which generate white noise for people with mates who snore
• Battery powered models
• Sound card expansion packs for some models
“If you have trouble sleeping, before you resort to medications, give a white noise machine a try,” Mr. Zimmerman said. “One simple machine is about the same cost as a month’s worth of medication. If it works, you have the machine and don’t need to spend any more money as you would with drug refills.” For a more restful night’s sleep try a sound conditioner..
Sound Machines Direct carries several makes and models of noise generators from the most popular manufacturers. For more information, please contact Mike Zimmerman, telephone 1-888-319-8298, email or please visit
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