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Research and Development Related to Master Antioxidant and Detox Agent Glutathione (GSH) Reveal Amazing Findings and Achievements

The importance of body detox and what antioxidant is considered the most effective and needed by the human body. A breakthrough in science that allows proper delivery of the master antioxidant to the cells in the human body.


Recent clinical studies revealed that most diseases are associated with low glutathione levels. This places this molecule and ultimate cell protector, which acts both as a detox agent and antioxidant, at the top of priorities in the quest to improve immune health. Several recent findings have confirmed the importance of effective human body detox in order to reverse many diseases and to slow down the aging process. The human body’s ability to produce the Glutathione molecule starts decreasing dramatically by the age of 20.

Glutathione research is now moving forward at an amazing pace. As of April 2012 there are over 100,775 research articles on PubMed mentioning this master antioxidant. This is more than double the amount ever published on vitamin C.

Recent findings suggest that the most effective way of boosting glutathione production by the body to accomplish the highest level of detoxification and experiencing its antioxidant power, is by nourishing the cells with the precursors, or building blocks, of glutathione.  In other words, as Wikipedia states: “…it must be biosynthesized from its constituent amino acids, cysteine, glycine, and glutamic acid.”.  For decades, scientists have been trying to find a way to carry the very fragile amino acid cysteine through the stomach acid in a safe and efficient way.  Until very recently, this task seemed almost impossible.

A Breakthrough in Glutathione Delivery to the Cells is Now Revealed
Leading Scientist in the Medicinal Chemistry field, and more specifically, in glutathione delivery to the cells, recently revealed a new discovery which allows an unprecedented level of efficiency and safety in the delivery of the amino acid Cysteine to the cells in the human body. This scientific breakthrough is the utilization of the organic compound Ribose for the protection of the amino acid Cysteine while it travel through the hydrochloric acid in the stomach.
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