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Are You A ‘Cram Dieter’ Too? New Free Online Training Helps People Get More Energy & Lose Weight Without Losing Their Minds

New look at how to get more energy and lose weight. FREE online training released by the National Metabolic & Longevity Research Center gives a step by step system to boosting energy and dropping weight.


Losing weight and getting fit shouldn’t feel like cramming for a college final exam. That’s why the National Metabolic & Longevity Research Center recently released, free to the public, a 6-part online training to help people understand the truth about how to lose weight & get more energy.

“This course is very basic in nature, and is not complicated or difficult to understand. I purposely designed it to give you a very thorough understanding of the entire Weight Loss and Energy Boosting process, and to answer the vast majority of the most important commonly asked questions I’ve received over my 25 years of experience helping people to drop stubborn weight and enjoy a life full of energy.” Says founder Chris Guerriero.

The problem is, the strict approach most people use is too difficult to maintain in the real world, and they end up gaining the weight back… plus more,” says Guerriero, who also hosts the new television show called “The Energy Factor.” “However, by using a variety of proven techniques to reach your goals, the process becomes much easier, enabling people to build powerful metabolisms that burn body fat and boost energy.”

Guerriero, who has worked with Hollywood celebrities and Olympic athletes, says the key to losing stomach fat, boosting energy and reshaping the body for good is following a systematic, practical approach that incorporates a few simple nutritional and lifestyle changes – extreme dieting and exercising alone do not help a person to get more energy or lose weight.“

That’s the reason we’re offering these full video episodes of my TV show free to the public at http://EnergyFactor.TV  …to prove to people that anyone can get more energy and transforming their body without a lot of wasted time and effort,” said Guerriero, who has spent the last 18 years helping people from all walks of life gain control of their bodies and maximize their energy levels. “The videos provide people with a number of great ideas they can start implementing to see results within days.

”For example, one of the first videos explains the tremendous value of something Guerriero calls Cycling Your Calories. “This is an amazing way to jumpstart your fat burning. For example, if you’re consuming 2,000 calories a day, you would simply cut back by 500 calories for a day or two. The body doesn’t catch on to any reduction of calories right away, and will start burning stored fat just as if you are consuming your usual 2,000 calories. Of course, there’s much more to Cycling Your Calories, and we review it all in great detail at http://EnergyFactor.TV

Another theme in this energy-boosting weight loss videos series is the concept of taking “time out” from your diet and exercise program.“

Research studies have proven that people who take breaks from their diet and exercise programs get more energy and much better results than those who workout relentlessly and never give their bodies and brains a break,” he said. “I want my clients to take a meal off here and there and enjoy a hamburger… or a couple of slices of pizza… or give themselves a break from exercise – and just relax. Diet and exercise programs shouldn’t feel like you’re being punished.”

For example, Guerriero offers an attractive option to boosting metabolism in one of the videos. “During sleep, our metabolisms are at their absolute lowest, so it’s important to kick start the fat burning process as early in the day as possible,” he says. “I give the viewers of ‘The Energy Factor’ a choice. They can either do a quick and simple workout first thing in the morning to engage the metabolism – or enjoy a delicious, healthy breakfast consisting of lean protein, veggies and complex carbohydrates. Needless to say, not everybody is thrilled about exercising first thing in the morning, so a nice breakfast is a popular option.”

There are many other free tips, techniques and secrets to help understand how to get more energy and burn belly fat fast – some as easy as infusing your body with oxygen through deep breathing – featured in the free video series. But one of the overlying themes of the series is to use a number of nutritional, exercise and lifestyle approaches presented in the free video series – not just one or two.

“I like to describe the metabolism by visualizing a table,” Guerriero said. “Picture a table balanced by just two legs, say diet and exercise. If you remove exercise, the table would get pretty wobbly and tip over, right? But if you incorporate a 8 to 10 simple tips that form a bunch of legs – you’ll never have to worry about blowing your diet on a vacation for example, since there are so many other legs supporting your metabolism and keeping it in what I call the ‘fat burning zone.’”

To view this free online six-video training series about how to get more energy and lose weight go to


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