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When you’ve got to get smart stuff for men, open up HisPotion

Catered for the trendy, fashionable, gadgets and gear loving smart men, HisPotion is dedicated to bringing "smart stuff for men". Here’s an interview with the founder, Bogdan Onofrei.


1. First we would like to know that exactly from what idea you have started HisPotion?

“It was actually started about five years ago but I didn’t like the direction it took, so I postponed the project. Earlier this year I realized there isn’t any blog or site out there that I can read on my spare time, and really enjoy. In weekends, while having breakfast or just in the few breaks I get - something I could easily browse from my ipad.“

“I’m a pretty active guy that enjoys cool products ranging from fashion items to cool gadgets and home or office decorating. I used to find stuff like that on different sites, forums or through social media, but I remember spending ages to find the store or shop I could actually buy the product from. That’s not the case with His Potion - on each cool (or as we like to call them - smart) product we share, you’ll find a Buy link directing straight to the sales page. That’s helpful! We do like to keep it simple.“

2. We can see from the name that it’s “His” then we can see a few categories in the website for “Women”, would you please tell us how both male and female can benefit from your website?

“I know it’s a bit confusing - you know how this site’s target audience are males, but you can find a category on it called women. I love beautiful women, and to be honest, who doesn’t. So once in a while we post some extremely sexy photos of beautiful women. Other sites feature these kind of galleries, under a category they usually call ‘Girls’, ‘chicks’ or ‘babes’. So I said No to that, we are the web magazine featuring Smart Stuff for Men, and they are Women, not chicks or babes.“

“On a side note, Yes, women can benefit a lot from our site. I have lots of female friends that love gadgets for example, not to talk about the how-to posts we feature that can teach both him and her useful stuff. Plus if She is looking for a (smart) present for him, His Potion is the best place to get it from, or at least inspire from what we feature.“

3. Is it only a product/service showcase? Is there any original review of the products offered by you or your team? How do you judge the validity of your information?

“Let me get one thing straight here - all our text content is original! Our editors do their homework before writing any new post, article or product review. We get our information straight from the producers or store’s product page, plus a bunch of other trustful sources, including hands-on experiences.“

4. How do you select the products that you show on the website? Is there any possibility that the users/visitors can recommend about the products?

“We’ve built this site with UI (User Interface) in mind. But that doesn’t stop there, we still (and will always) put the users (our site’s visitors) on the first place. Shortly after the site’s launch we already got some great feedback from our visitors through the different social networks, and even YouTube -
Here’s how we select what to feature on the site. Every day, our editors scout the online (and sometimes even the offline) world to find the smart stuff. At the daily meeting we have, we discuss the various topics and products we come up with and decide what to feature and what to leave behind.
Getting back to the users, and your second question, yes, visitors can recommend anything! It’s right there on our About page: “We’re curious! If you’re a producer, garage band, if you create handmade stuff in your grandma’s attic, and want some exposure, go ahead and Contact us!”

5. The website has five top categories along with a few sub categories, how do you define the categories?

“It’s pretty simple - under Women you’ll find the beautiful. In Lifestyle we share the stuff that makes you smarter and cooler. And Healthier. You’ll find the hottest products under Gear. Transportation and ease of movement is extremely important nowadays - Rides. A smart men has to have his own style, doesn’t he? - Fashion&Style.
Of course by going through our site and its categories you’ll find more nice surprises and fun stuff as well, but I’ll let the visitor discover that for himself.“

6. “fun·da·men·tal” is it an innovation by HisPotion team? How did you come up with the idea to write the word fundamental in this way?

“Being innovative is what we do, what we enjoy doing, what we promote. That column features the best stuff we come up with and the stuff our visitors enjoy the most.“

7. What features are you going to offer in future? What recent features are making unique from other websites?

“We do have lots of ideas and features that will be implemented in the site in the near future, and even greater plans for the far future. The near future will bring a user system, where you can sign-up, share or comment on the stuff you like. You’ll also be able to add products or cool finds.
The combination of categories, the stuff we feature is unique. You won’t find any other blog or site out there that combines Gear, Lifestyle, Fashion And Beautiful Women. Not with this simplicity and not as clean as His Potion.“

8. Would you like to say anything to our audience/viewers?

“Just two words: His Potion. We’re extremely confident that with their first visit on our site, the audience will simply love it, bookmark it and live by it. Have I mentioned we add fresh content each day?“


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