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Meyer & Depew Delivers Air Purification System


(Kenilworth, New Jersey, May 16, 2012) If you’re a small business owner, you know how important it is to ensure that every last facet of your operation is running smoothly.

This ranges from your core competencies as an organization to the air quality of the building in which you operate. The Kenilworth, New Jersey-based heating and cooling company, Meyer & Depew, understands the small business owner’s need to foster an environment that produces clean, fresh air for employees and customers alike.

Eliminating odors caused by smoke, mold and bacteria undoubtedly creates a more pleasant work environment for employees, which often results in a more conducive atmosphere for stronger, high quality productivity and success. It also helps make offices more welcoming and comfortable for staff and patrons alike. The unpleasant odors can offend potential customers who may never return. This is why Meyer & Depew is offering a cutting edge air purification system that eliminates foul odors and protects employees and customers from harmful pollutants that often contaminate the air inside medical facilities, beauty salons, pet stores and local restaurants.

Not only does mold and bacteria cause unpleasant scents, but routine business operations may result in common odors that need to be mitigated. Beauty and nail salons need to eliminate the pungent smell of hair dye and nail polish that often permeates throughout the facility. Pet stores need to remove strong dog and cat odors, which may irritate customers. Doctor’s offices need to remove the medicinal and antiseptic smells, which may make a patient feel uncomfortable.

These odors are frequently the by-product of conducting business on a daily basis. However, businesses shouldn’t feel as if these problems are unsolvable. All of them can be corrected by a professionally installed air purification system from Meyer & Depew. The system has been proven to reduce odors, germs and bacteria by more than 99%. Available specifically for commercial and residential use, the benefits include convenient installation, silent operation and low maintenance. It’s a simple, practical solution that can be easily mounted in HVAC air ducts to quickly mitigate the most common air quality issues.

The air purification system involves a proactive process in which oxidizers such as ionized hydro-peroxides, super oxide ions and hydroxide ions are emitted from the operating HVAC system and travel throughout the room. The oxidizers revert to oxygen and hydrogen once the oxidation of the pollutant is complete. They filter the air by aggressively destroying the pollutants at the source before they can produce an unhealthy odor and affect the people who you wish to protect. The filtered air is then recirculated throughout the room. It is a cyclical process that effectively purifies and cleanses the room as Charged Advanced Plasma is carried throughout the conditioned space.

 “If a small business owner is looking to eliminate unpleasant odors and replace them with a clean, fresh scent in less than 24 hours, we’re the people to call,” said Bobby Ring, President of Meyer & Depew. “We know there are many obstacles to running a successful business, and by providing clean, purified air, we’d like to think we’re playing a small but vital role in maintaining an environment conducive to strong business growth.”

Everyone wants comfortable conditions in the bitter cold winter and the scorching hot summer months, but most would agree what is equally important is cleaner, fresher air because this leads to a healthier lifestyle. An advanced air purification system from Meyer & Depew can help small businesses eliminate risks such as chemical odors, pollutants, smoke, animal odors, pet dander, mold, bacteria and viruses. The repercussions of being affected by a virus such as SARS are considerable. Extreme symptoms include respiratory, liver and heart failure.

 “It’s amazing how harmful unpurified air can be to your health. Viruses such as e. coli, MRSA, bird flu, strep throat and SARS can all be contracted as a result of a failure to filter the air,” Ring said. “If that’s not enough incentive to go out and find means to clean the air and protect your family, co-workers and clients, can’t imagine what is.”

Meyer and Depew has the expertise to install this innovative solution for your commercial business, and the capabilities to install them in residential homes as well. The air inside a house has more unwanted, harmful pollutants than many homeowners realize. Seasonal allergies or the common cold can be prevented and the scent is as pleasant as the first day of spring.

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About Meyer & Depew Co.

Meyer & Depew, located in Kenilworth, NJ, is an award-winning firm that provides outstanding heating and cooling solutions to customers in Central and Northern New Jersey. For more than 50 years, its team of certified, highly trained technicians have been installing and maintaining heating and cooling systems with the highest levels of professionalism and customer satisfaction. 

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