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The Value of Cell Number Lookup Services is Becoming Increasingly Clear as Most People Turn to Cell Phones For Their Daily Communication

As more and more people use only cell phones for their main method of communication the near impossibility of identifying these callers by their cell phone numbers is becoming ever more apparent.


Although services like AnyWho have been available for years to look up caller information using their land lines, services to lookup caller information using a cell phone number are rare and new. A reverse cell number lookup is the process of finding someone’s name, address and other information by entering their cell phone number.

A few websites and services have sprung up to offer cell number lookup, some free and some for a small charge, but as more and more people feel the need to know who may be calling them, these services will proliferate at a rapid pace. An example of how these services work can be found at this Youtube Video

The main reason no quality service has arisen to provide people with the ability to look up cell phone numbers, is because of the privacy concerns surrounding cell phones. Land line numbers have existed for over 100 years now and over time very thorough lists of numbers and customer information were developed. We are all familiar with the phone books that are an annual ritual for most home phone consumers. Even though they are no longer in every home, the lists remain of great quality and those lists were easily incorporated into services that allow people to look up information using a land line number for private citizens or businesses.

Since the average consumer has only had a cell phone for the past 15 years, the information was never really gathered and is not that good. There is no national cell phone directory as there is with land line numbers. Honestly, most cell phone customers didn’t want their information readily available. There are lists out there, however, that have been developed by journalists, private detectives, bounty hunters and any other group that needs to find people fast. These groups have invested a lot of time and money into their lists and now anyone can go to a designated website and enter a cell phone number. If the number is part of any of these lists, the information for the owner of that cell will appear. Over time, these lists can only grow and get better.

In a very short time, the average citizen will be able to use cell number lookup services to find information on anonymous callers who might fit into the following categories:

  • Anonymous prank caller
  • Telemarketer
  • Bill Collector
  • Cheating spouse

Finding information on someone just by using their cell number is a market that is just now being tapped. As more and more people use only cell phones, look for these services to become more and more available.


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