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“I Know Why Mandingos Sing: The Real Reason Why African Americans Are So Deadly Towards Each Other”

A book that all African American man, woman and child should read. It is written for every Black person, all the mothers, fathers, aunts, sisters and brothers living in the United States today. Available on and Barnes & Noble


Donald E. Payne announces his hot off the press book called “I Know Why Mandingos Sing: The Real Reason Why African Americans Are So Deadly Towards Each Other”.

SACRAMENTO, Ca. – March 18th 2012 -- Author Donald E. Payne announces release of his new book that is becoming the talk of the town and one of the hottest books on Black-on-Black relations titled: “I Know Why Mandingos Sing” which can be viewed at the website

Black crime and violence is the theme of the decade and of this book, which is now available in many book stores and outlets. “The book offers insight into that special Mandinka mentality that has stagnated Blacks in America for the last 148 years,” comments Payne.

Payne takes us back to the 13th century to help explain his theory about the psyche of the West African Mandinka people and how it compares to modern day Mandingos living in America today. The author brings to the forefront and discard the notion that Jews or Whites are responsible for their overall psychological makeup, and that African American are no different from their counterparts living in West Africa.

“There have been many books written about the impacts of slavery on the African American Negro, but this is the first time, to my knowledge, that anyone attempts to explain and address the ’origin’ of the problems that African Americans have with each other and are confronted with on a daily basis.” According to Payne: "The book was written to bring about the awareness of Black Americans inheritance as a brutal and deceitful people.”

The book also attempts to clarify the real reason for the “Black-on-Black” crime and violence that is all too prevalent in the African American community today. It carries you back to pre-slavery times to help explain the mentality and makeup that Blacks in America inherited from their West African forefathers, points out that African Americans are basically no different than their counterparts living in West Africa and connect their behaviour patterns to that type of behaviour which we are seeing among Blacks in America today.

In an interview the author stated that: “The book offers insight into the West African psyche and makeup, what actually happened, how their forefathers betrayed them and how they collaborated with the slave merchants which gives account for much of their behaviour patterns today.”

The website also offers information on the psyche of the American Mandinka people and was built to help, and address the needs of black youth. The most important features on the site are the “Black Youth Showcase” and the “Black Youth Project” which is the companies affiliate marketing Program to helping Black youth find jobs that you can view at the I know Why Mandingos Sing  website.

The book is not for everyone, there is a special audience that the author is trying to reach in his account. And the book is not about African Americans or Africans singing, it’s about the injustice that has been bestowed upon Blacks in America by Jewish and White slave owners with their Mandinka helpers on their side, in their rampage to capture and destroy the West African (American) Mandinka people. The book is also about the mental and physical attitudes that make African Americans so venomous against each other, the Black hatred, Black skepticism against other Blacks, Black crime and an attempt to answer the question of where the Black-on-Black violence and hatred come from and find out [i]the real reason why Blacks in America are so deadly to each other./i]
About the author:
Donald E. Ridgeway-Payne Founder CEO - RCMG-3 Marketing, is an affiliate marketer and website developer and designer with many ties in the international community. Don attended Sacramento State University where he studied Music and Business Administration. He became interested in marketing, computers and computer design, and has honed his skills over a period of ten years. Don is now embarking on a new adventure and that is to take his knowledge and use it to help Black youth, and has opened up his marketing program for African Americans youth free of charge.
About This Release:
If you would like more information about this topic, schedule an interview with Don Payne, or to get a sneak preview of the book please visit the I Know Why Mandingos Sing website. 

Title: “I Know Why Mandingos Sing”
Author: Donald E. Payne 
Publisher: CreateSpace
Available on  Amazon - Barnes & Noble 
Title ID: 3692969 
ISBN-13: 978-1466355866
6x9 paperback, 158 page b&w illustrations, $13.95

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