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“Bad Weather, Bad Omen,” Says Dr. Richard Ruhling

Weather modification in warfare has been banned by the United Nations, but we’ve had far worse weather since it has become possible.


“Killer Storms Are Coming” was the cover story headline of Popular Science Magazine, September, 1995. But most people have never heard of the Pentagon’s High Altitude Aurora Research Project, (HAARP) which has acres of microwave towers in Alaska that can affect the weather.

According to Richard Williams, the physical chemist cited in the article: “HAARP will dump enormous amounts of energy into the upper atmosphere. With experiments on this scale, irreparable damage could be done in a short time. The immediate need is for open discussion. To do otherwise would be an act of global vandalism.”

“Explanations suggest that microwaves beamed into the ionosphere will rebound into the ocean, heating it to create El Nino (hurricanes or tornados). Scientists, commenting on low frequency radio waves recorded in Japan at the time of their earthquake, tsunami and nuclear reactor tragedies, suggest that was man-made and not ’Mother Nature’ or ’an act of God’,” stated Dr. Richard Ruhling, President of Exodus2.

According to Ruhling: “With $380 billion in natural disasters in 2011 (Munich Re, Germany), maybe we are doing it to Russia and they are returning the favor?”

An article in the World Affairs Brief hints that white chemtrails streaked across the sky behind some high altitude aircraft may be another aspect of weather control. Normal combustion of jet fuel produces moisture causing short streaks behind commercial airlines that rapidly become invisible. “Analysis of these chemtrails reveals substances harmful to our health,” stated Ruhling.

Ruhling concludes: “Many of the world’s two billion Christians believe we are on the verge of the apocalyptic “day of the Lord” that will be triggered by a huge earthquake, Joel 2:10,11. We might wonder if we are going to do it to ourselves, or if God will “destroy them which destroy the earth” first, Revelation 11:18.”

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