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Avoiding Meltdowns in Children with Aspergerís Syndrome Requires Following Routine


The brain of a child with high-functioning autism (often referred to as Aspergerís syndrome) is a complicated, sometimes mysterious thing. It works in ways that are often difficult to figure out. According to author Craig Kendall, many parents ask themselves questions such as, ďWhy does my autistic child have a tantrum when they canít find their shoes? What goes on in their head to make them seemingly over-react to so many situations?Ē

The Need for Routine is Critical

ďA person with Aspergerís syndrome has a need for routine,Ē says Kendall. The best way to stop a meltdown is to prevent it by creating a stable routine whenever possible for a person with Aspergerís. Kendall says, ďThe world of a child, teenager or adult with Aspergerís is full of lots of uncertainty and fear. This may be because of their problems generalizing specific events to more general events.Ē

In other words, people with Aspergerís have trouble, as the metaphor goes, ďseeing the forest for the trees.Ē They get so focused on the details of each event that they are unable to see it globally, or see the big picture -- they lack perspective. Since details are so overwhelmingly obvious to them, they get distressed when small details are changed. Because of the way they process information and understand the world, it changes their whole meaning and understanding of the world.

As a result, routine becomes increasingly important to the Aspergerís child. This is also true for an adult with Aspergerís syndrome. The more they can do everything in exactly the same way every day, the more their experience of the world will remain the same ó and the more stable their mood and level of anxiety will remain.

According to Kendall there are methods to help your child with Aspergerís syndrome communicate. ďSome of the best advice comes from other parents who have figured out tips and techniques to keep their loved ones with Aspergerís happy and stable,Ē says Kendall. ďMy books cover many of these tips and include advice from hundreds of parents who raise children with high-functioning autism and Aspergerís syndrome.Ē To gain more information on Craig Kendallís books visit today.


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