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OKI Launches EXaaS™ Mobile Desk Service

Provides secure, easy access to internal corporate information from outside the office to harness the power of mobile devices for business


TOKYO -- OKI today announced EXaaS SmartWorkspace™, a cloud and LCM(*1) service group designed to minimize the total cost of installing, operating, maintaining, and managing office IT equipment, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, telephones (PBX), multifunction printers (MFPs), and printers.

As part of this effort, OKI has launched its EXaaS™ Mobile Desk cloud computing service. EXaaS Mobile Desk provides secure, easy access to in-house corporate data and systems from mobile devices (including smartphones and tablets) from locations outside the company. The company will begin offering the service from January 2012 in the Japanese market.

Many companies are currently considering deploying mobile devices for various business tasks, including checking email, handling calls on virtual extension lines, or accessing in-house data from locations outside the company, with the goal of making business more efficient and enhancing customer service. However, this potential has been overshadowed by concerns related to the time and effort required for deployment and various security issues, including the unintended information leaks in the event of device theft or loss.

“We have introduced our EXaaS Mobile Desk Service to address these issues. The service allows employees to check in-house corporate data and updates on specific websites by accessing documents, email, and schedules whenever needed, using no more than two taps on a mobile device,” says Sei Yano, Senior Vice President, responsible for Solutions and Services at OKI. “The files are not actually located on the mobile devices, allowing secure use of the information needed. Deploying Com@WILL® Softphone Smart allows companies to link devices to their in-house IP-PBX systems and provide virtual extension lines from locations outside the company site.”

For peace of mind, standard service features include a VPN(*2) connection function for secure authenticated/encrypted communications and a terminal control function to manage terminal security and assets.

Moving forward, OKI plans to promote the service in tandem with other EXaaS SmartWorkspace products to provide services that seamlessly link smartphones to office IT equipment from locations inside or outside the company.

Features of the EXaaS™ Mobile Desk Service

1. My Note function ensures secure, easy access to in-house corporate data
The service allows users to store files and new data on a daily EXaaS Mobile Desk My Note website assigned to each user. Users can access this space via smartphones when off-site through a simple two-tap procedure on their mobile devices.
2. New Information Arrival Collection automatically aggregates specified web pages
The function registers and collects page updates and saves them to the My Note space. The function gives users instant access to the latest information at a single location, eliminating the need to check one website after another.
3. Terminal Control function restricts downloads of unauthorized applications
To reduce the risk of information leaks, this function restricts access to certain networks and blocks the installation of unauthorized applications. It also provides various remote control functions, including locking and/or deleting unauthorized applications. Linked to the EXaaS PC-LCM Service (announced October 26), this function extends asset management beyond smartphones to encompass PCs located within the office.
4. System Operational Linkage function
The service includes proprietary applications developed and provided as services to harness the key advantages of smartphones. Including Screen Scraping(*3), Web Aggregation(*4), and Single Sign-on(*5), these functions eliminate the need to develop mobile communications or terminal device control functions from scratch and lets customers develop and deploy business applications for smartphones for user-specific needs quickly and at low cost.
5. IP Extension Telephone function allows smartphones to be used as extensions
Deploying Com@WILL Softphone Smart lets staff make in-house calls from smartphones when outside the office. This reduces communication costs and enhances productivity by reducing the need for call backs in response to calls received when away from the office.
o Developed by OKI Access Technologies, a joint venture of OKI and Access, Com@WILL Softphone Smart draws on softphone technologies to achieve high-quality communications, even on 3G connections.
o To meet the demand generated by the high-speed, high-capacity LTE service entering widespread use, OKI also plans to extend the service to include TV phones. Service additions will allow staff to review office documents linked to the ACCESS NetFront® Life Android™ browser and document viewer.

• *1 :LCM (Life Cycle Management)
Refers to the overall process of managing a product or system, covering planning, development, and operations to disposal.
• *2 :VPN
A virtual private network established over public networks, such as the internet.
• *3 :Screen scraping
A method for extracting specific data from the page markup for a web page.
• *4 :Aggregation
A method for consolidating information and services from multiple websites.
• *5 :Single sign-on
A framework that provides users access to all authorized functions through a single authentication.

About EXaaS SmartWorkspace

ExaaS SmartWorkspace is a generic term for OKI’s cloud and LCM services, designed to minimize the total cost of installing, using, maintaining, and managing office IT equipment, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, telephones (PBX), multifunction printers (MFPs), and printers.

The accelerating expansion of new devices such as smartphones and tablets and expanding network capabilities have increased the workload associated with installing, operating, maintaining, and managing IT equipment such as PCs, telephones, MFPs, and printers, creating significant burdens for companies. The increasing breadth and rigor of requirements, including requirements associated with corporate accounting, protecting personal data, and preventing information leaks, have further increased associated workloads. OKI provides EXaaS SmartWorkspace, cloud and LCM services for office IT equipment to help customers off-load these burdens.

About OKI Electric Industry (OKI)

Founded in 1881, OKI Electric Industry is Japan’s first telecommunications manufacturer. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, OKI provides top-quality products, technologies, and solutions to customers through its info-telecom system and printer operations. Its various businesses function synergistically to provide exciting new products and technologies that meet a wide range of customer needs in various markets. Visit OKI’s global web site at

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