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Jared DiCarmine Creates New Training Program To Teach Men How To Get Rid Of Love Handles

Jared DiCarmine, well-known exercise physiologist, has created a new training program to teach men how to get rid of love handles. The program utilizes EPOC, excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, and diet to burn fat quickly.


Jared DiCarmine, the owner of Ideal Fitness Trends, has created an effective program to help men learn how to get rid of love handles.

Exercise physiologists agree that the love handle area, otherwise known as the oblique zone, is one of the most difficult areas to lose fat. An innovative approach is necessary to target the love handle problem that plagues many men.

DiCarmine, who is also a highly-respected exercise physiologist, has finally deciphered the code of love handle elimination. DiCarmine stated that, “My clients always ask me how to get rid of love handles. I spent years of study and practice determining the optimal approach to doing just that.” DiCarmine’s results were nothing short of astonishing. Men who followed his program saw a radical decrease in the amount of weight they carried around their oblique zone.

DiCarmine added that, “When men followed my program and advice, they saw results in weeks, not months or years.” He has setup an in-depth website, to assist individuals who are in need of assistance in the love handle area. The site is full of free information, tips and tricks that men can use to see immediate results.

DiCarmine found that EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) exercises are much effective than traditional cardiovascular training and simple weights. Intensive, excess post-exercise oxygen consumption is the key behind quick results.  A diet rich in low-fat proteins and healthy veggies is also important in his exercise regimen. Combining the two creates the ultimate one-two punch against love handles.

EPOC exercises,  in respect to love handle elimination, is actually very simple to understand. After strenuous exercise, oxygen intake is increased in the body in order to make-up for the oxygen debt caused by the exercises. In the process of repairing the oxygen debt, the body burns a great deal of calories, otherwise known as fat. DiCarmine has taken advantage of this in his new training program. Utilizing EPOC exercises such as burpees and a proper diet produces quick results.

Men who are interested in learning how to lose love handles will gain a great deal of knowledge from Visitors are encouraged to utilize all the free information and free videos that DiCarmine has made available on the site.


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