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South Florida Scientist-Inventor Introduces Patented TDS Technology; TransDermal Technologies Spray-on Application Revolutionizes Administering Medicines


WEST PALM BEACH, FL -- Feb. 16, 2005 -- Have you sprayed on your medicine today?
Thanks to TransDermal Technologies first-of-its-kind invention, you will be able to spritz-on your daily dose of vitamins, aspirin, hormone replacement or anti-histamine - sooner than you think! TransDermal Technologies, Inc., of Lake Park has developed, patented and successfully proven the safety and effectiveness of a process called TDS(R) (Transdermal Delivery System). Instead of a pill, patch or painful injection, the TDS process allows recipients to spray on their dose of medicine, just as they would with perfume or cologne.

“The implications of this technology are tremendous for the medical industry at large,” says Kenneth Kirby, president and co-inventor of TDS. “The new TDS spray-on liquid transdermal delivery system stands alone in its demonstrated ability to rapidly, safely and conveniently deliver a therapeutic dose of compounds as large as a peptide of nearly 1,700 Daltons. To our knowledge, no other transdermal delivery system has been able to duplicate the record that TDS has established in its clinical trials over the last three years. TDS stands alone in the size of molecule delivered, the size of the dose that can be delivered with a single application, and its broad applicability and speed of development.”

The concept of transdermal delivery across intact skin is not a new one - first using patches and later gels. However, no one before TransDermal Technologies has been able to deliver such a broad spectrum of various types of drugs, particularly larger doses and peptide drugs, with only a pump sprayer, thus eliminating the need for a patch or slowly absorbing gel.

According to researchers at the Royal London School of Medicine, TransDermal Technologies’ TDS has proven successful in the delivery of multiple applications. Dr. Chandan Alam and Dr. Arthur Tucker at the William Harvey Institute have demonstrated conclusively the TDS system’s ability to deliver narcotics, anti-viral drugs, painkillers, anesthetics, hormones, anti-histamines and tumor-shrinking drugs.

“We are very much beyond the state of the art with TransDermal’s new TDS technology and are thrilled to be involved with this development,” said Dr. Alam. “As a major center for drug research in the UK, we are approached to investigate many discoveries - so-called breakthroughs - that in most cases prove to be fruitless. We began with TransDermal and the TDS(R) system with the same skepticism, but, surprisingly, we found TDS to be a real success story.”

Dr. Alam and his team have recently received approval from the British MHRA, their FDA equivalent, and will shortly be starting a study of the peptide drug Melanotan for safe sun tanning, in London, funded by another client company, EpiTan, Limited of Australia. This company was impressed with the TDS(R) technology results in a pre-clinical trial they conducted independently last year, and have already filed a provisional patent citing TDS patents.

TransDermal is also in the second year of collaboration with a very large pharmaceutical company that is preparing to start a human trial on a TDS application. This drug is one of three off-patent compounds of which they have asked for an exclusive option from TransDermal.

“They were the first large company we approached, and once their experts in transdermal delivery took a hard look, they concluded that we have something that no one else had discovered, and they agreed to move forward with TDS,” said Kirby.

The researchers at the William Harvey Institute recently presented the results of a Testosterone TDS study to the British Pharmacological Society. A documented research summary on the web site has led to a high level of interest on the testosterone system, prior to the scientific paper being published in the British Journal of Pharmacology. The research summary is posted at:

While it’s early days for some of the proven applications, the availability of the testosterone system may be just around the corner.

“We are focusing our license marketing for this application on companies with established track records in hormone replacement. Those companies who already have a transdermal gel system approved could be on the market with this safer, faster-acting enhancement very quickly indeed,” said Kirby.


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