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Panic Attacks And Anxiety Eliminated Naturally


Anxiety Disorders including; Obsessive Compulsive, Panic, Generalised Anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress are thought to affect almost 10% of the UK population. Until recently the symptoms of these disorders were ‘managed’ by regimes of drugs, councelling and alternative therapies. Anxiety Disorders were deemed to have no conclusive ‘cure’.

Today, The Linden Method, researched, practiced and written by recovered anxiety sufferer Charles Linden, has shown over 135,000 people how to permanently cure high anxiety conditions.

Using a technique that uses the body’s own, natural anxiety control centre, The Linden Method teaches clients to modify their body’s anxiety levels back down to ‘normal’.

“Being anxiety free is already pre-programmed into the brain, all we do, is show sufferers how to flick the anxiety switch to OFF"
Charles Linden

This method is now internationally regarded as the most successful psychological programme of recovery from anxiety, panic attacks, OCD and agoraphobia by medics, psychologists and health care practitioners. Most referrals to the programme today come from psychologists, doctors and mental health practitioners.

Understanding Anxiety Disorders


As we pass from one environment to the next, the information collected by the senses is delivered to the brain, where it is sorted into short or long term memory.

Then through further information collection, the brain decides whether that information should be stamped for long or short-term memory.

Once this decision is made, the neural pathways of learning are either retained, added to, or pruned (cut) away. This is done because these neural pathways are like physical ’wiring’ and your head is only SO big... if we kept every neural pathway we developed since birth, our heads would need to be HUGE.

Information collected from repeated actions, under the brain’s subconscious decision that it is repeated because it is important, (driving, musical instruments, reading, writing etc.) is stored as long term memory and added to, or deleted, as new learning and information becomes available; neuroplasticity is the process used by the brain to store, prune and replace learning in this way.

How Anxiety Conditions Occur

In anxiety conditions data collected by the senses is fed back to the ’anxiety control centre’ in the brain.

Once this information is received, the brain sends out risk assessment signals to the sensory organs to accurately assess risk or threat; this is often perceived by the subject as ’what if’ thoughts:

What if I pass out?
What if I have a panic attack?
What if I hurt someone?
What if I don’t wash my hands X times?
What if I didn’t turn the light out? etc.

In high anxiety conditions it is obvious that REAL threat doesn’t exist, so the risk assessment looks externally and finds nothing, but then it searches internally and finds your anxiety symptoms.
It finds the racing heart, the stomach issues, the shaking, breathing issues, tension etc. and interprets those as the threat.

Once this threat is detected by the anxiety control centre, it responds appropriately by releasing more adrenalin in preparation for fight or flight.

A diagram explains how the mind becomes ’frightened’ by the anxiety symptoms it creates, how sufferers have developed a high anxiety condition and all the symptoms and thoughts they experience; whether that be anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, PTSD, OCD, derealisation, depersonalisation or any other anxiety condition.

Creative Intellect

Charles Linden coined this phrase some years ago when he discovered the connection between the kind of intellect that gives people the ability to use their creativity to problem solve, to visualize, to create and to feel connected to others and high anxiety.

This trait isn’t spiritual, it’s physical. Anxiety sufferers are made to be that way genetically and it’s a double-edged sword, because it makes them susceptible to developing high anxiety conditions BUT it is also, more importantly, what makes them creatively superior.

If superior creative intellect can cause the development of high anxiety, it can also eliminate it.

The emotion of fear (anxiety) is adaptable... as you move from a location or position of safety to one of danger and back again, your anxiety levels should fall and rise appropriately; but when the anxious cycle described previously occurs, the anxiety gets ’stuck’ on.

Why don’t psychotherapy and medication work?

Cognitive techniques, conventionally used in the treatment of anxiety conditions, are misguided; any learned responses and behaviours, such as high anxiety conditions, can only be reversed by manipulating the factors and behaviours which stop the anxiety response.

This definitely excludes cognitive techniques such as CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) which causes the sufferer to be constantly reminded of their fears and symptoms or which create an environment in which their anxious behaviours, thoughts and symptoms are ever present, discussed, analysed, made conscious and endorsed as appropriate.

In essence, they are practicing being anxious by doing CBT.
The fact that this is happening is confirmed by the statistics gleaned from millions of anxiety sufferers who never benefit curatively from CBT or other talking therapies and whose only benefit is experienced through the opportunity to ’share their thoughts’ with a trusted confidant.


It isn’t even worth going into why drugs for anxiety don’t work... they can’t and never will... maybe if someone invents a miniature submarine in which a human can travel to and identify, from billions of neural pathways, the ones responsible for the anxious behaviours in order to cut them or modify them, then MAYBE, it is possible for something you ingest to work... otherwise, forget drugs as an option... they just confuse things.

In conclusion, to break that cycle and to return the anxiety back down to normal using the body’s own anxiety control mechanism, all that has to be done is to send the brain SAFETY messages through the 5 senses (eyes, ears, mouth, nose and skin). When it receives these safety messages, anxiety switches OFF.

The Linden Method has shown this technique to tens of thousands of people and it NEVER fails. Because, if you are human and you have high anxiety... it can never fail.

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