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Will Smartphone Users Elect the Next President?


UniTEA Launches Mobile Social Network

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, July 4, 2011 (WebWire) Social Networks for Outstanding Brands, LLC
An army of Conservative Smart Phone users are gathering across America. Many of them are poised to discover the power in their own hands and may determine the outcome of the forthcoming Presidential election. The days of door knocking, precinct walking and direct mail campaigns to garner votes will soon be obsolete when the foresight of a few Patriots achieve the final result.

Pollsters, election gurus and campaign managers are number crunching and pouring over candidates’ statistics. The raw power of technology is emerging very covertly under their watch. It seems there are none catching the essence of the greatest technology advances in the history of the US election process.
The potential is staggering. According to the most recent census, there are approximately 311 million people in the United States of America. During the last election cycle, over 90 million people voted. That is nearly one third of eligible voters. Compare that number to the growing number of cell phone and Smart Phone users. The advantage of engaging these voters becomes an awesome force.

Approximately 74% of America age 18 and older state they use the internet. The numbers increase with the over 55% of American adults connecting to the internet at ‘HotSpots’ and other wireless connection modes such as WiFi or WiMax. These connections are via handheld devices such as Smartphones and laptops. Non-voice data applications have grown rapidly over the past 24 months and have taken on a life of their own.

Since 2009, major Cell Phone and Smartphone changes have exploded. “Wireless Warriors,” have graduated to using the Smartphone, which is essentially ‘a cell phone with laptop capabilities.’ These “Warriors” may quickly, be of massive political influence. Some of the growth has increased the number of users as well as the capacity of the applications contained in these little handheld marvels.

Expanded application use from April 2009, include:
• Able to use smart phone to take photographs, up 76%
• Inbound and Outbound text messages, up 72%
• Internet access, up 38%
• Game playing, up 34%
• E-mail services, up 34%
• Video recording, up 34%
• Music playing, up 33%
• Instant messaging, up 30%

Older adult usage is briskly gaining in popularity while, young adults, age 18-29 are enthusiastic users of the recently released Smartphone applications. The trends are changing from audio communication and short texting only into an excess of high performance applications.

Ponder the impact of an application with a political itinerary and calculate some numbers. In the last election over 90,682,968 Citizens voted many are now Smart Phone users. An estimated 234 million Americans ages 13 and older use mobile devices. Sixty five point nine million people in the U.S. owned Smart Phones during the three months ending February 2011. That is up 13% from the preceding three-month period. With a projected gain of 13% per quarter, and over a 50% in a twelve-month period makes for a landslide use of a very popular handheld device.

The estimated value of this data paints a picture of enormous power in the making, which could be tapped for political purposes. According to recent data and based upon the 234 million Americans who use mobile devices, means these users are able to receive inbound text messaging in the form of alerts. Over 70 million people own Smartphones which are able to receive inbound text message alerts, also able to blog, send instant messages, participate on online forums, chat and a myriad of other applications too numerous to discuss here.

America has 60 million plus members of the Tea Party, or is sympathetic to the Tea Party, or Independent Freedom. This also means the Tea Party is a non-unified voting bloc in the tens of millions of patriotic Americans waiting for a unifying method to communicate, learn, voice opinions and capture the political arena, what a potential!

With 234 million Americans who use Cell Phones and 70 million who are Smart Phones users, approximately 30% are SMART phone users. The next equation then becomes: of the 60 million Tea Party partisans, which is approximately 1/5th of America and the same equation carried forward, it is reasonable to anticipate that 1/5th of the Smart Phone users or, 14 million are potential Tea Party partisans’ Smart Phone users.

There is, however, a logical gap in this equation, because there may be a disproportionate weighted value on the Tea Party side, simply because the large number of Tea Party partisans are business people and more acclimated to Smart Phone use. With higher levels of Professionals and Self-Employed Citizens as Tea Party Partisans the number could be as high as 23 million which is 1/3 of the Smart Phone users. However, the reverse could also be true.

In any case, whatever the total of Tea Party Smart Phone users may be, it is likely into the millions and possibly greater than 20 million.

Therefore, this Smartphone phenomenon could be a unifying factor that would unite the Tea Party without infringing or encroaching upon local Tea Party membership. The concept of organizing, educating and mobilizing millions of Conservative voters is within the grasp of modern technology.

This broad-scope Smart Phone application is about to make its debut on the American political landscape.

The name is filled with a strong statement of purpose. Example, by highlighting certain letters a true and accurate purpose is revealed. or is it, ?

However one spells it, it is Positive for America. When recognized, this new Smart Phone application will be embraced by Tea Party partisans, and the consequences will devastate any opposing political platform and candidates!

The new secret weapon of the Conservative movement is When it is unleashed and embraced, it will remold the political landscape within a brief time. When Tea Party partisans begin to blog, discuss issues in online forums, and have instant ‘meet-ups’ this will be the indicator of success in the voting booth in 2012.

Social Networking has taken America and the world by storm. There is now a powerful Mobile Social Network harnessing the power of the Tea Party on the horizon. This new Social Mobile Network while maintaining the privacy and continuity of individual Tea Party groups will shake the pillars of those who challenge Tea Party issues. Not only that, but, overnight political stars could be born via a united Tea Party Mobile Social Network, through ‘Flash-Meet-Ups”, ‘Instant Forums’ and ‘Zip Code Summits’.
The Obama Regime demands control over Smart Phones and internet access. The Regime sees it as a political nemesis; it is a waterloo in the waiting; it is the political Coup de Grâce of anyone who stands against the onslaught of Smart Phone technological applications in the hands of Tea Party Conservatives!
The hidden danger to liberal, anti-teaparty groups and the possible extinction of the Democrat Party is this Smart Phone political secret. It is unfolding without notice, and has a hidden element: the application…IS FREE!

IT IS FREE! A handful of advertisers place small ads at the bottom of every page. This helps offset any join-up fees, monthly membership costs or pick-pocket donation schemes!

It is free, it will remain free and best of all it is the foremost uniting Tea Party Smart Phone tool listed in the iTunes App Store or Google Marketplace today!

The only thing better is that it is paid for by the free enterprise system and America is the beneficiaries of this ingenious Smart Phone application.

This is American history in the making. Join us!

Contact Information:
Paul Spreadbury, COO
Social Networks for Outstanding Brands, LLC (mySNOB)

Steve Eichler, Executive Director
UniTEA Mobile Social Network

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