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’Con Artist Awareness Network Exposes’ a True Story of a Colorado Investigative Team and the Testimonies of Witnesses and Victims Who Have Met the ‘666’ Antichrist


For combating con artists, psychological persuasion, and the psychological warfare of foreign covert operatives.

Denver, CO, May 11, 2006 -- Cult leaders and Con Artists convince people of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life what to do, say or think. To help people protect themselves and their loved ones, , discloses a well investigated, and documented true story of the experiences of TM Investigations and their case of victims and witnesses claiming to have escaped the inventor of all cons, the Antichrist.

The website quotes a Homeland Security consultant, “ There are covert operatives of foreign governments conducting psychological warfare on personable levels within our Homeland to destroy American lives, the very foundation of their Christian beliefs and their spiritual walks with God. The end result of their psychological mind games are to coerce and to liberalize American minds for shaping political views, and personal beliefs, which in turn, manipulates a nation’s politics and international policies. - PT Paul ”

TM Investigations is a Colorado investigative team that for the past decade has followed the leads of key witnesses and victims antagonized by the con man Antichrist. The investigation team consists of security experts, parapsychology consultants and Homeland Security consultants. Their unusual case of the con man Antichrist was initially shunned by the team, but as experts in their field, they continued their investigations for factual evidence. With substantial evidence, they can now claim among the key witnesses and victims that they have also met the Antichrist in physical form and have a need to tell their story.

“Our experiences with the Antichrist are real, we were dealing with a con man who had supernatural powers, in our own physical world”, claimed a victim named Wayne Cleveland.

Another victim, Jeff Sothers, states, “I watched this man bilocate at the airport into my car.”

TM Investigation’s file for the case reads like a movie as the ‘Omen’, ‘6.6.06’, or a fictional book, but to the victims involved they were experiences far beyond that of a reality television show or those of everyday frauds of con men. They undoubtedly believe their escape from the con man Antichrist, saved their souls.

What is most disturbing about the con man Antichrist case is that he specifically targeted Christians as his victims. On the website, amongst evidence, letters and post cards written by the con man Antichrist, one can read written statements of victims and witnesses from the investigative files to find common experiences shared of a man they believe was the Antichrist who prayed, encouraged them to read their Bibles, sat with them in church, participated in communion and never hesitated the words, “Jesus Christ of Nazareth my Savior, Brother, and Lord”.

Sara Hansen Quotes, “ He knew the words of the Bible, but continuously used psychological persuasion for mental, financial and physical destruction. Almost as if he was mocking God”

The con man Antichrist, spoke of experiences that were better than the best of the ‘Art Bell’ radio broadcasts. He shared with his victims details of his face-to-face meetings with Christ, Angels, Saints, entities, and a master of an underworld. He relayed to his victims that they were of great importance to the future of America. He quotes, “Your actions in life will contribute greatly to the future of America, the core”. In his boastful moments, he arrogantly described advanced technologies of foreign intelligence, the underworld, and the billions and trillions that he transacts daily within his global multi-dimensional structure.

He provided some of his victims with special codes that he claimed were needed for the future and he spoke of bases within the U.S. in which he worked from for what he claims, “ To adjust the backend networks of the global markets and Wall street for the future and stability of America, the core”. Most alarming were his manifestations and knowledge of geopolitical strategies for North Korea, and China that always came into fruition.

In TM Investigation files for the Antichrist, a masterful manipulator seamlessly destroys lives through psychological persuasion to retain the loyalty of his victims and win over their loved ones. As an example, to appease the concerns of the parents of a 24-year-old victim, the con man Antichrist effectively diverted suspicion to manipulate that the investigative team was the fiduciary and conduit of his ‘Global Multi-Dimensional System’. He deceptively persuaded alarmed victims and loved ones interviewed by the investigative team from further suspicions about his character; Merely, with the simple words that he has known them for 12 years, since 1995, as his employees for gaining investor’s confidence. The investigative team however refers to a much later date in which they continued meeting with him for further investigations without his prior knowledge and also refutes his claims as their employer.

There was never solid evidence of bases within the U.S. that the con man Antichrist spoke of, nor was there proof of an operating system, which he called ‘The Global Multi- Dimensional System’. This supposed system, he explained, operated as a separate sphere, on a quantum level for controlling the financial markets of the world. Moreover, there was never proof of the people he spoke of as his fiduciaries and conduits placed in major corporations or as politicians for serving his multi-dimensional levels. TM investigations, however, continued for finding solid evidence, that if inferior, would be reported to the FBI and Homeland Security; and that has since been the case.

Today the case is resolved to expose the con man as an Antichrist and foreign covert operative. The evidence of the truth of the con man Antichrist and substantiated proof is posted at and will continue slowly over the course of the next few months.

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