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For those who have lost their golf swing or never learned how to swing properly, can help. Golfers will find free tips, information and guides to help improve their golf swing.

“The golf swing is like having sex – you cannot be thinking of the mechanics of the act while you’re doing it,” said golf enthusiast, Jim Davis. “Golf exposes the flaws of the human swing. How can a basic maneuver cause more self-torture than in any other game?”

The multi-media site provides videos that demonstrate the golf swing tips and principles the site offers, allowing users to view proper golf swings in action. A bad golf swing affects all aspects of an individual’s game, not just when they tee off. The correct positioning of the hands is essential, but the techniques and clubs that are used also affect accuracy.

Left-handed golfers can have an especially difficult time locating assistance to improve their game. A wealth of information is available for right-handers, but little is available on the mechanics for those with left-handed swings. It’s imperative that clubs designed for left-handed players are used.

A variety of shots will be made during an average round of golf, but if the tee shot is off, an 80 game won’t be in the offing. That magical 80 game can be achieved with properly executed tee shots and the site explains how. The site addresses the most commonly asked questions golfers have for better play. offers visitors a step-by-step guide to curing many of the mistakes and bad strokes that are made when golfers get in a hurry or don’t pay sufficient attention to the task at hand. Golf is a game of concentration, but if golfers don’t have patience, mistakes are inevitable.

For many golfers, correcting a slice is their primary concern and a cure can be accomplished with practice, effort and time. Each golfer has a swing that’s uniquely their own. It takes time to determine the cause of slicing and techniques are provided on the website to ascertain the causes and make appropriate adjustments.

Attaining sufficient distance can be especially difficult for novices and the site offers proven methods that allow golfers to arrive closer to their intended target. Speed is essential, but other factors also come into play. The site explains in detail how to go about obtaining greater yardage from their golf balls.

Chipping is a major problem for some golfers and it requires a multi-faceted approach to execute the swing correctly. Golfers must consider a wide range of factors, from their stance to the swing. The website examines the elements involved and how to improve on each one.

Golf swing training is offered to fix a bad backswing. walks visitors through the process of attaining the perfect backswing so the process is effortless. Tutorials provide information for every aspect of the proper body language to execute an effective backswing that achieves the maximum distance.

Posture is a concern when addressing the tee. A bad drive off the tee can ruin an entire game. The site offers tips to aid golfers in attaining impressive drives every time. Some are easy to apply, while others require at least 30 minutes of practice each week.

Anyone can improve their golf swing and has the information, techniques and tips golfers need to play better. The site offers answers that can be used by those of any experience level. The site explores the right clubs to use and body positioning, along with clear golf swing instructions that will help golfers increase speed, distance and accuracy.

The site can be reached by email with the convenient form on the website. For more information, visit the website at


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