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Debt Burst Announces Tips for Better Credit Card Management


Reno, NV, November 24, 2010 -- Debt Burst, today announced a list of tips on how individuals can avoid Credit Card Theft and improve their Credit Card score.


1. Sign the credit cards as soon as they arrive.

2. Carry the cards separately from the wallet, in a zippered compartment, a business card holder, or another small pouch.

3. Keep a record of the account numbers, their expiration dates, and the phone number and address of each company in a secure place.

4. Keep an eye on the card during the transaction, and get it back as quickly as possible.

5. Void incorrect receipts.

6. Destroy carbons.

7. Save receipts to compare with billing statements.

8. Open bills promptly and reconcile accounts monthly.

9. Report any questionable charges promptly and in writing to the card issuer.

10. Notify card companies in advance of a change in address.


- Lend personal credit card(s) to anyone.

- Leave cards or receipts lying around

- Sign a blank receipt. When signing a receipt, draw a line through any blank spaces above the total.

- Write the account number on a postcard or the outside of an envelope.

- Give out the account number over the phone unless the call is to a Company known to be reputable. If required, check about the company with the local consumer protection office or Better Business Bureau.

Starting Steps To Improve Credit health

1. Pay the bills on time. This is the best thing one can do to improve their score. And itís never too late to start. Even if there have been serious delinquencies in the past, these will count less over time.

2. Keep credit cards balances low. High outstanding debt can pull down the score.

3. Check the credit report for accuracy. There may be inaccurate information on the credit report that can be easily cleared up. Always contact the original creditor and all three credit bureaus for clearing up an error, so that the inaccurate information wonít reappear later. Requesting a copy of the credit report wonít affect the score if ordered directly from the credit reporting agency or an authorized organization.

4. Pay off debt rather than moving it around. Consolidating the credit card debt on one card or spreading it over multiple cards will not improve the score in the long run. The most effective way to improve the score is by simply paying down the amount owed.

5. Have credit cards-but manage them responsibly. In general, having credit cards and installment loans which are paid on time will raise the score. Someone who has no credit cards tends to have a lower score than someone who has managed credit cards responsibly.

6. People should not open multiple accounts too quickly especially if they have a short credit history. This can look risky because they are taking on a lot of possible debt. New accounts will also lower the average age of the existing accounts, something that the credit score also considers.

7. Donít close an account to remove it from the record. A closed account will still show up on the credit report, and may be considered by the score. In fact, closing accounts can sometimes hurt the score unless the debt is also closed at the same time.

8. Shop for a loan within a focused period of time. Credit scores distinguish between a search for a single loan and a search for many new credit lines, based in part on the length of time over which recent requests for credit occur.

9. Donít open new credit card accounts which are not needed. This approach could backfire and actually lower the score.

10. Contact the creditors or see a legitimate credit counselor when having financial difficulties. This wonít improve the score immediately, but the sooner one begins managing their credit well and making timely payments, the sooner their score will get better.

About Debt Burst

Debt Burst creates programs for clients seeking both debt management and debt settlement debt relief solutions. They work with the clients to understand their needs and customize a plan to fit the clientís financial situation. With over 20 years of experience and commitment to the clients, Debt Burst helps clients manage their finances, take control of their lives, create a secure financial future and most of all become debt free. We are recognized leaders who have gone beyond the normal debt management and debt settlement services to offer assistance for our customers to maintain a debt-free and rewarding life. We are committed to excellence and strive for outstanding customer service and support. Weíve helped over 40,000 clients and settled over $1 million dollars of debt over the past three years.

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