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Historical Document Collection Digitalized and Available Free Online from BACM Research/


Los Angeles, CA - BACM Research/ has made thousands of pages of digitalized historical documents available for free at

This collection focuses on American political, social, and military history, the Vietnam War, and World War II.

Subjects in this special free collection range from the American Revolution to the Iraq War, from Rolling Stone Magazine to Pat Buchanan. The documents date from as early as 1677, to as recent as the 2010 Elena Kagan Supreme Court confirmation process.

The free collections contain original documents, manuscripts, letters, diaries, maps, reports, and printed books.

The free collection is in the form of convenient downloadable PDF files that allow users to review the material anywhere offline.

Some of the research sets available for free include:

Barack Obama Department of Defense Correspondences - Correspondences between Senator Barack Obama and the Department of Defense, dating from March 3, 2005 to February 8, 2008.

Iraq War Prelude Documents - A collection of documents highlighting the development of the American and British government’s case for going to war against Iraq.

9-11 SEC Report: Pre-September 11, 2001 Trading Review - This 2002 Securities Exchange Commission Report was not released until April 2010. This report was mentioned in the 9-11 Commission Report, but not published with the report or with material that was subsequently released by the commission. This report summarizes the SEC review that began on September 12, 2001 covering trading activity from August 20, 2001 to September 11, 2001. The investigation covered 9.5 million securities transactions including securities and derivatives products of 103 companies in six industry groups that traded in seven different markets.

ARTICHOKE CIA Files - “Manchurian Candidate” ARTICHOKE CIA Files - ARTICHOKE was the CIA’S cryptonym for the study and/or use of special interrogation methods that have been known to included hypnosis, drugs and total isolation. It grew out of the Agency’s Operation BLACKBIRD and was a forerunner to the Agency’s MKULTRA.

BP - British Petroleum CIA and British Government Files - These files cover the interest of the once British Government controlled enterprise subsequently known as BP - British Petroleum. The files chiefly covers the British (AIOC/BP)-Iranian oil dispute of the 1940’s and 50’s, and the United State’s involvement in its settlement and regime change in Iran.

Nixon Administration Wiretaps on Journalists FBI Files - FBI Files covering the FBI investigation of wiretaps on the phones of journalists, placed by the FBI at the request of the Nixon Administration.

World War II: Japanese Incendiary Bomb Balloons Report - A report by the Navy Technical Air Intelligence Center on Japanese balloons carrying incendiary bombs that landed in the United States.

World War II: Army Air Force Report: The War Against the Luftwaffe AAF Counter-Air Operations, April 1943-June 1944

American Revolution: Boston Massacre Documents: Eyewitness accounts and trial transcripts.

Slave Ship Journals

Vietnam War: Rolling Thunder Target Planning and Strike Data

Vietnam War: Saigon Evacuation After Action Report

Taliban State Department - Defense Intelligence Agency Files

World War II OSS reports

Ty Cobb FBI Files

Mississippi Burning Murders Trial Transcripts

Franklin D. Roosevelt Assassination Attempt FBI Files

Irish Republican Army - IRA - British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher Office Papers

Iranian Nuclear Program Congressional Research Service Reports

Korean War Infantry Commanding Officer Narratives

And many more pages of documents collected from material stored at the National Archives, Library of Congress, British National Archives, Department of Defense, Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigations, and various research and military history libraries and museums from around the United States.

This special free collection can be accessed at

About BACM Research -

BACM Research/ publishes documentary historical research collections. Materials cover Presidencies, Historical Figures, Historical Events, Celebrities, Organized Crime, Politics, Military Operations, Famous Crimes, Intelligence Gathering, Espionage, Civil Rights, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, and more.

Source material from Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), National Security Agency (NSA), Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Secret Service, National Security Council, Department of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Department of Justice, National Archive Records and Administration, and Presidential Libraries.


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