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BP - British Petroleum CIA Files Published by BACM Research -


BP - British Petroleum CIA Files Published by BACM Research -

Los Angeles, CA - BACM Research/ has published 1353 pages of CIA, British Government, and State Department files covering the interest of the once British Government controlled enterprise subsequently known as BP - British Petroleum.

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The files chiefly covers the British (AIOC/BP)-Iranian oil dispute of the 1940’s and 50’s, and the United State’s involvement in its settlement and regime change in Iran. In August 1953, the United States and Britain began planning a coup to remove Iranian Prime Minister Mossadeq from power, after he nationalized British oil assets in Iran. The CIA operation in Iran was codenamed TPAJAX.


The files mostly date from 1947 to 1954. According to CIA staff historian Nick Cullather, who worked in the Agency during 1992 and 1993, files dealing with on the ground covert action of Operation TPAJAX were destroyed or lost by the Agency. The files presented in this research set are comprised of National Intelligence Estimates, reports from the Office of Reports and Estimates, and Special Estimates.

Included among the CIA files is a once Top Secret draft history on the 1953 removal of Mossadeq, written by the Central Intelligence Agency’s history staff in 1998. The agency still considers 88 pages of the 139 page report to be too sensitive to release, even 57 years after the events the report covers.


973 pages of British Prime Minister’s Cabinet Papers. Files mostly date from 1946 to 1954, covering the Anglo-Iranian oil crisis. Composed of papers kept by the Cabinet Office including ministers’ memorandums, cabinet conclusions, and cabinet meeting notes.


State Department files in this set mostly cover psychological operations. The set includes a memo from Secretary of State Dean Acheson on the information that should be dissimilated to the Iranian people as part of its “psychological strategy Program.”

This research collection also includes a report on the initial findings of a working group consisting of representatives from the State Department, Department of Defense, the CIA, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff on plans for “the specific military, economic, diplomatic, and psychological measures which should be taken to support a non-communist Iranian Government or to prevent all or part of Iran or adjacent areas from falling under communist domination.”

The files can be downloaded at

About BP

In May 1901, British businessman William Knox D’Arcy entered into an agreement with the Shah of Iran for the exploration of oil. In 1908, the Anglo-Persian Oil Company (Later the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, then British Petroleum) was created; its main asset was D’Arcy’s oil rights. In 1914, the British government became the majority shareholder after accumulating 56% of the Company’s shares. In 1917, APOC bought the German motor oil company named British Petroleum. In 1935, the Company was renamed Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, after Persia changed its name to Iran. In March of 1951, the Iranian government of nationalist Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh nationalized the British owned assets in Iran. The AIOC renamed itself the British Petroleum Company in 1954. After Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister, she endorsed privatizing many British government owned assets. In several stages from 1979 to 1987, the British government sold all the shares of British Petroleum it owned. In 1998, British Petroleum merged with Amoco, formerly the Standard Oil of Indiana, becoming BP Amoco plc. In 2000, BP Amoco acquired Arco (Atlantic Richfield Co.) and Burmah Castrol plc. In 2001, the company formally renamed itself as BP plc.

About BACM Research -

BACM Research/ publishes documentary historical research collections. Materials cover Presidencies, Historical Figures, Historical Events, Celebrities, Organized Crime, Politics, Military Operations, Famous Crimes, Intelligence Gathering, Espionage, Civil Rights, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, and more.

Source material from Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), National Security Agency (NSA), Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Secret Service, National Security Council, Department of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Department of Justice, National Archive Records and Administration, and Presidential Libraries.


 British Petroleum

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