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Lose Weight The LuxSauna Way


Millions of people are overweight and or obese. The market is flooded with gimmicks for losing unwanted weight, including “miracle” diet pills, machines that supposedly tone and sculpt the body, and one fad diet after another. Now there’s a real, proven solution to shed unwanted pounds: Infrared saunas!

January 27, 2005 -- Today more than any other time in history, people are taking health serious. People living in the United States are at their heaviest weight, leading to major health problems such as heart attack, diabetes, stroke, and more. The market is flooded with gimmicks for losing unwanted weight, including “miracle” diet pills, machines that supposedly tone and sculpt the body, and one fad diet after another.

In truth, losing weight and gaining health takes a common sense approach. This means eating a well-balanced diet, daily exercise, and detoxifying the body of toxins and unhealthy chemicals. If you find yourself in this category, tired of the yo-yo dieting and zero results, start by changing your diet to include eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat, and whole-grain foods. In addition, cut back on soda or other beverages, switching to a minimum of 64 ounces of water a day.

For exercise, walking, jogging, bicycling, tennis, and swimming are among the top choices. Not only will these exercises help tone the body but they also help pounds melt away. In addition to diet and exercise, experts have also found that the internal body needs to be healthy as well. Too often, we take care of one aspect of weight loss and health but fail to care for the entire body.

One of the best ways you can improve your overall health is to detoxify the body, cleansing and purifying it from dangerous chemicals. An amazing product is now on the market LuxSauna. This “infrared sauna” is not just another gimmick – this is a way to change your life forever! When most people hear the word, “sauna”, they immediately think of a traditional type of sauna. However, LuxSauna is not only different but the benefits are far greater.

Unlike your standard steam or hot rock sauna, the LuxSauna is contribute superior therapeutic benefits. By using infrared heat instead of steam, you will enjoy amazing benefits, some of which include:

· Infrared heat is able to penetrate the body anywhere from one and one-half to two inches, far deeper than traditional steam or hot rock saunas
· The body will sweat up to three times more than with a steam sauna
· You lose water weight immediately. Although you regain the water weight by drinking clean, healthy fresh water, you will not regain the calories lost

The result is that the nasty toxins within the body that make you feel tired, sick, and battle against weight loss are eliminated. In fact, with the LuxSauna, up to 300% more carcinogenic heavy metals, sodium, cholesterol, nicotine, and even alcohol are eliminated than with a standard type sauna.

Therefore, if you are finished with fad diets and gimmicks that simply do not work, but set on losing weight and becoming healthy, the LuxSauna removes the fat and toxins from the body to speed up the weight loss process, helping you achieve your goal quicker. Now you can relax, read a book, or listen to your favorite CD while allowing the infrared heat to give your body a natural, healthy workout from the inside out.

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