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Telomeres, Telomere Measurement, and Aging Explained in Video Library Released By TA Sciences


To further meet the needs of the overwhelming public interest in their anti-aging product, TA-65, T.A. Sciences ( has developed a series of videos ( answering the many questions generated by their products. T.A. Sciences is the first company in the world to offer clients the ability to fight aging through the emerging science of telomere biology, and the world is taking notice.

In general, what most people want to know is this: Just what is a telomere, how do the anti-aging products work, and where can I obtain them? The video series, featuring Noel Patton, the founder of T.A. Sciences, answers these and the many other questions that have a risen since the company has risen to prominence.

To explain how the product works, itís necessary to know just what a telomere is. To the uninitiated, telomeres are protective pieces of DNA material at the ends of each and every chromosome in every cell in the human body. They are similar to the little plastic end pieces on shoelaces that keep the strings from unraveling. The genetic material of the chromosomes degrades if not properly protected by telomeres of a certain length, like shoe lace tips do if not protected by the plastic.

The 2009 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded for the discovery of the enzyme telomerase, which helps to maintain and build the protective telomeres. Scientific studies have shown that controlled activation of telomerase in normal cells can increase telomere length, improve functional capacity, and promote the proliferative lifespan of cells.

That leads us to T.A. Sciences first product TA-65, a nutraceutical capsule, and the first component of their anti-aging program known as the Patton Protocal. TA-65 is classified as a nutritional supplement, is an easy to swallow capsule, and is taken daily for separated 90 day intervals. During testing in 2005, known as the Pivitol 2005 Anti-Aging Trial, a clear reduction in the signs of aging was discovered from the introduction of TA-65 into the bloodstream.

Another question often asked of T.A. Sciences is, how safe is the product? The telomerase activating potency of the molecule TA-65TM has been independently proven in rigorous tests by the Geron Corporation, in addition to years of testing by T.A. Sciences.

Geron is a half billion dollar company and is acknowledged in the scientific community and on Wall Street as the world leader in Telomere Biology. They discovered TA-65 and licensed the technology to T.A. Sciences in 2002. T.A. Sciences follows stringent scientific
procedures to back up the safety and efficacy of their products and concluded 5 years of development and safety testing before providing the public with groundbreaking telomerase activation technology.

T.A. Sciences is also developing a skin rejuvenating dermaceutical product with TA-65 as the active ingredient. The products can be obtained at their New York City headquarters or through a doctor trained in administering the Patton Protocol. Contact T.A. Sciences via their website to locate a doctor, ask additional questions, or to get started with the program.

T.A. Sciences will continue to educate the public about telomeres and aging and their breakthough anti-aging product through the release of their video series and various news releases.


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