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Hernia Surgery, No Insurance Required

Hernia surgery does not require mesh anymore and the Desarda Hernia Center, U First Surgical Center, can perform your hernia repair without mesh.


The repair of an inguinal hernia is the general surgeons most common elective surgery. There are many different types of hernias and many people develop hernias simply from lifting heavy objects every day. I am going to talk to you about the two most common hernias I encounter in my office; inguinal and umbilical hernias. Inguinal hernias are defects in the in lining of the abdominal wall that do not close properly during development. The defect is at the entrance to the inguinal canal (groin) and cause problems to the patient later in life. The problem arises when someone tries to lift something heavy and the bowel or fat can protrude through the defect and enter into the inguinal canal. The patient develops a bulge in his/her groin that can resemble an egg. A patient who becomes obese can form an inguinal hernia by allowing the defect to stretch larger in the groin because of the amount of weight that the abdominal wall must support. This stretching allows the intestine or fat to escape into the inguinal canal and this causes a bulge in the groin. Umbilical hernias are defects in the lining of your abdominal wall in the region of the navel. This is the area where your umbilical cord was during development. These muscles fail to unite and a hernia develops. Umbilical hernias are more common in infants than adults. These hernias in infants usually close by the age of one. If an umbilical hernia does not close by the age of four or if it appears during adulthood it should be repaired. In an umbilical hernia you will see a bulge or protrusion in the navel or bellybutton that gets larger with lifting, crying or even coughing.

So what do you do if you find a bulge or mass in your groin or bellybutton? Well, first see your family doctor or local surgeon and ask him to examine you while standing up. It is very difficult to detect a hernia on examination if the patient is not standing. Why? Gravity always brings your abdominal contents down and if there is a defect in your groin or navel it should be detectable. Your doctor will stick his finger in through your scrotum up to your groin if you are a male and place his finger on your groin if you are female. At that time he will ask you to cough to see if he feels the sac push against his finger in order to make the diagnosis. It is the same thing for an umbilical or bellybutton hernia. Standing always exhibits more pressure in the area of the navel and your doctor will ask you to cough in order to produce pressure in your abdominal cavity. This will then cause your umbilical hernia to protrude and then you will have the diagnosis.

So once the diagnosis is made the repair is the interesting part. Doctors used to approximate bad tissue to bad tissue in multiple layers with mesh until they found out that recurrences continued to rise with tension repairs. Now, the most effective treatment is a tension free no mesh repair called the Desarda technique. U First Health is now the Desarda Hernia Center for the United States. In this technique your own muscle is used to reconstruct the floor and make it stronger than it was before. No mesh is used and the surgery is done under local with IV sedation. Thatís right No General Anesthesia. Dr. Tomas has been using this technique for over 5 years now and has performed over 800 surgeries. He trained with laparoscopic repair and has now abandoned the laparoscopic technique because he can do this new type of hernia repair with local/intravenous sedation and without mesh. I encourage you to see the pictures of the repair with the video on the web page ( to get a better understanding of hernia repair. Dr Desarda†has endorsed only one center in the Unites States and it is ours, The Desarda Hernia Center of the USA.†
Call today for a reservation and one of our patient liaisons will assist you with hotel and transportation to and from the airport and our surgical center. This transportation is free if you book at the Marriot Fairfield Inn in Fort Myers.


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