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The Story The English Crown Didn’t Want You To Know And Still Doesn’t…Now In Paperback


THE CAVALIER: a novel by Len d’Eon is the story of the Chevalier d’Eon and why he was made to wear the dress of a woman for the rest of his life.

The CAVALIER by Len d’Eon is the story that reveals a long-held secret about the real heritage of the current Queen Elizabeth. That well-kept secret could have blown the lid off Buckingham Palace and ruined the English Royal family. It could have stopped the line of England’s royal succession. It could have stopped it cold. A must read that didn’t make it to England with its G.P.Putnam’s Sons, New York, hardcover is now available at for all the world to see thanks to the internet.

But does it matter? You betcha it matters. The lifestyle of an entire family from Queen Elizabeth to Prince Charles to Prince William (and even Fergie) could be drastically changed on a proverbial dime. In a heartbeat. The coffers of a family richer than Oprah, Ted Turner and Warren Buffett combined could be affected. Land holdings on London’s Fleet Street and New York’s Fifth Avenue along with billions of English pounds, Euros, U.S.dollars and hidden Swiss francs would be forced back to their original owners. The anti-royalty forces of the world would unite, being given a new and valid argument to stop the “lifestyle of power-and-money-at-birth syndrome” that has been blocked by most civilized nations. Buckingham Palace (the Queen’s house), Windsor Castle, Kensington Palace and the rest of the collection would revert to its owners and become museums. In short, England would look more like what they once owned…. America. And more specifically, the United States of America. Yes. It does matter.

Who was this guy? Who was this once French Ambassador to England…this Chevalier d’Eon? You might want to visit Washington D.C.’s International Spy Museum, up on the second floor, to see their video on his life as the Greatest Master Spy of all time.

But wait. There’s a positive side for the royal family….a positive side they’ll privately admit to, but never in public. The world knows of the nutty king who shook hands with a tree, the king with plum brandy eyes who was more than once seen in a straight-jacket, the king who was the real kook specifically mentioned in the Declaration of Independence as the bad guy of all bad guys. What was so positive about this episode for the Royal Family? When the chain of years of inbreeding stopped, lunacy stopped cold. Yes. It stopped with King George 3rd.

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