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FDA approves superbug causing vaccine PREVNAR 13, same time eliminates all natural ear candle industry


With unprecedented coincidence the FDA has launched an all out war on ear candle manufactures in an effort to kill the industry the same week it approves the controversial Prevnar 13 vaccine.

Ear Candles and ear candling have been used for hundreds of years as an all natural remedy for the relief of several body ailments. The FDA, a regulatory government agency, has recently sent Warning Letters to all major manufacturers to stop the production of ear candles in the US. The FDA sights three reports of adverse events and a document referred to as the “Seelys’ study”.

As is discovered the FDA’s “Seelys’ Study” is in fact not a study at all, it is merely an early 1990’s unofficial survey of a handful of ear nose and throat doctors whom claim ear candles can cause harm to the ear drum via melted wax.

Ear candles are 12 inch long tubes made from all natural muslin and high grade food wax, the device is lit and then placed into the ear canal. The warm heat generated within the candle then transfers down into the ear canal which in effect is holistically relaxing. The end result for many being an improved sense of well being, which motivates the body’s own natural defenses and jump starts the immune system. When used properly with two people, ear candles are not harmful. A person has a greater chance of being struck by lightning, being eaten by a shark, or dying of cardiac arrest as a result of using the new FDA approved PRENVAR then being harmed by an ear candle.

Manufacturers have requested physical evidence of the FDA’s findings, copies of event reports, and transcript of the study, all of which have yet to be provided. Instead the FDA retaliated by threatening manufacturers with location audits and legal action to foreclosure.

Ear candle manufacturers were dumbfounded as to the FDA’s forceful measures until the discovery of the FDA’s timely approval of the trademarked drug PREVNAR. Prevnar is used to curb pneumonia and ear infection. However, MSNBC has reported that while the original Prevnar has aided in 34% of children using the drug, it also promoted new superbugs that caused more penicillin resistant ear infections. Side effects of Prevnar 13 include; bronchitis, asthma, influenza, viral syndrome, colitis, and congestive heart failure just to name a few.

There are approximately 10 million ear candles sold per year in the US with only 3 reports of injury in 20 years and no litigation as a result of injury being brought upon a manufacturer dating as far back as 20 years.

The lost off US ear candle manufactures will affect 150,000 individuals and jobs in America and will contribute to a loss of 1,000,000 dollars in taxes if we are forced to shut down. Another example of big government driving natural wellness companies out of business, reducing America’s choice to use natural alternatives, and increase our dependence on powerful drug companies.


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