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New CSL cargo loaders embody two revolutionary concepts


“The C-Loader and K-Loader take the guesswork out of load-work via built-in weight scale and four-quadrant load balancing”

Cleveland OH — (April 19, 2010) – Container Stuffers, LLC., today announced they will exhibit at the North American Material Handling Logistics Tradeshow April 26-28 at the I-X Center in Cleveland. The company will be presenting their first two breakthrough products, the C-Loader (container loader) and the K-Loader (log loader) which dramatically reduces the time to load 20 ft. and 40 ft. shipping containers and enclosed trucks. Both products employ a built-in weigh scale and a four-quadrant load balancing system. This balancing system yields Axle Weight Tolerance compliance but also protects trucks from lost load mishaps due to overloading. Overloading and poor weight balance can make vehicle handling unsafe.

David Haywood, Director of Sales & Marketing for Container Stuffers explained, “Essentially, CSL’s equipment embodies two revolutionary concepts. First, treating the entire container load as a single unit and second, aligning the motive power with the longitudinal axis of the container. If Malcom McLean revolutionized the way ships are loaded with the invention of the container, we complete his work by revolutionizing the way those containers are loaded.”

The two innovative products (C-Loader and K-Loader) change the ground rules for loading 20 and 40 ft. shipping containers and trucks. They significantly reduce loading time and eliminate most of the container damage and reduce most collateral damage to product and physical safety. Companies that currently take 30 to 45-minutes to load containers or enclosed trucks can now perform that same task in as little as 12 minutes. These inventions complete the revolution that Malcom McLean began with his revolutionary containerization solutions.

The C-Loader
The C-Loader was designed for the general cargo market. Until now there has been no loading solution specifically designed to load a myriad of cargo types without collateral damage to the product or container resulting from using existing equipment. Many transloading companies work with high volume and unique cargo that must be packed and loaded like piecing a puzzle together. CSL’s products allow the staging of an entire load externally on the load transfer platform before inserting the load all at once.

The C-Loader progressively measures and balances the total load by a built-in scale weighing system and generates a manifest specific to the individual container while reducing the typical damage to the shipping container during the loading cycle. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning is the number one cause of poisoning deaths in the United States. Container Stuffer’s approach to loading cargo eliminates Carbon Monoxide exposure by staging the load outside of the container preempting the need for the forklift to enter the container during loading cycles.

The K-Loader is designed to load logs into containers and enclosed trucks for export. Using a log shovel, an entire 55,000 lbs can be placed on the ruggedly constructed load platform and then loaded in one fell swoop. One main design advantage of the K- Loader is that it eliminates most collateral damage to containers; one of the key uncontrolled costs in this business. The K-Loader is specifically designed to load logs and can maintain or increase container output by reducing costs by 50%. It can transfer an entire truckload of logs (55,000 lbs. gross) into a container in 10 minutes (full cycle), 4 minutes just for load transfers. The K-Loader eliminates most collateral damage to the freight container that can result from use of an Articulated Knuckle Boom Loader.

Economists refer to the “opportunity cost” of a resource as value of the next highest valued alternative use of that resource. Spending 45 minutes loading a container when it could be completed in 12-minutes is a significant opportunity cost. The less time it takes to load more containers enhances the business model. Both units can be controlled from a stationary controlled panel or with a hand-held remote control.

“CSL has experienced high-volume responses from around the world in the first official 20-days of our product announcement and website launch,” noted David Haywood. “We never imagined we would immediately attract viable prospects from over 36 countries and 158 cities in 20 days.”


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