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Vitamin C Foundation to Offer Best Vitamin C


Vitamin C is the most popular nutritional supplement and there has been debate as to which form of vitamin C is best, and in some quarters, there is debate regarding what constitutes “real” vitamin C. One form, L-ascorbic acid, is the most biologically active form of the vitamin. The Vitamin C Foundation believes that ascorbic acid is superior to other forms and it has begun selling it as a powder from its web site

People are often confused about vitamin C. According to Foundation co-founder, Dr. Owen R. Fonorow, Ph.D., “We’ve posted science articles about vitamin C for the past eight years. There are a variety of vitamin C products on the market, and people frequently request our recommendation for an ideal form of the vitamin. We believe it best to recommend a product over which we have quality control. Our vitamin C is a pure powder that is produced to our specifications in a top domestic laboratory. Proceeds from sales will help us to fund our web site and independent research.”

Most animal species produce ascorbic acid molecules in the liver or kidney from the sugar glucose; human beings have lost this ability. Experts, such as the late Linus Pauling, Ph.D., recommend taking vitamin C orally as ascorbic acid, perhaps buffered with some added bicarbonate of soda.

One of the world’s leading Vitamin C experts, Robert Cathcart, MD ( commends other forms of vitamin C as “fine products,” the mineral ascorbates, calcium-ascorbate or magnesium-ascorbate. However, Dr. Cathcart has not been able to achieve the so-called “ascorbate effect” with mineral ascorbate forms of the vitamin. Cathcart reports that in his practice, now spanning 20 years and more than 20,000 patients, only ascorbic acid by mouth can achieve the results that he achieves with intravenous vitamin C.

The much advertised Ester-C(tm) is a patented form of calcium ascorbate.

The ascorbate effect, explains Dr. Cathcart, is the ability of vitamin C at very high dosages to quench numerous free radicals. Cathcart likens this effect in his patients to pouring water on a “free radical” fire. He explains that each molecule of ascorbic acid reacts with two free electrons or “free radicals.” Mineral ascorbates, already bound to the mineral ion, react only with one free radical per molecule. This means, literally, that twice as much vitamin C in the form of mineral ascorbates is necessary for positive therapeutic results.

Pharmacologists have determined that ascorbic acid can be absorbed and pass directly into the blood stream through the stomach lining. This absorption short-cut means the vitamin does not have to travel into the intestines.

Ascorbic acid should not be used intravenously (IV) “as is,” according to Dr. Cathcart; only sodium-ascorbate is suitable IV.

The Vitamin C Foundation’s Vitamin C Powder is pure ascorbic acid: Its hypoallergenic and is certified 100% free of corn and free of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO-Free). There are no additives, fillers or binders. The product is to be taken orally (rather than intravenously) and can be mixed with water or juice. It can also be added to drink-mix formulas, such as the Foundation’s new Cardio-C vitamin C/lysine drink mix, or the Tower Laboratories HeartTechnology, a more complete Pauling Therapy drink mix.

The Vitamin C Foundation is a Texas nonprofit organization that has qualified for 501 (c )(3) status by the IRS. When ordering vitamin C from the Foundation customers have the option of making a contribution to the Foundation, which may be tax deductible and which support the Foundation’s work and independent vitamin C research.

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For more information regarding this subject, or to schedule an interview with Owen Fonorow, please call Mike Till at 281/443-3634 or e-mail Mike at e-mail protected from spam bots.

The Vitamin C Foundation is a USA nonprofit, charitable organization that has been assigned the IRS tax-exempt 501(c)(3) designation as a Texas non-profit corporation devoted to preserving the “lost knowledge” of ascorbic acid and its essential role in life. Technical advisors include Drs. A. Hoffer, MD, PhD,. Steve Hickey, PhD, Hilary Roberts, PhD, Robert Cathcart III, MD, Thomas Levy, MD, JD, and John Ely, PhD, The Foundation is dedicated to the memory of Linus C. Pauling.

All of its activities are funded by charitable contributions. Visit for more details.


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