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Pulstar Pulse Spark Plugs Now Available in Iridium, Platinum, and Motorcycle Applications


Albuquerque, New Mexico

Enerpulse, Inc., manufacturer of Pulstar Pulse Plugs, has begun shipping their new Platinum and Iridium Pulstars to resellers.

Previewed to the automotive aftermarket community at the SEMA show in Las Vegas this past November, the new Pulstars bring the durability of noble metal electrodes to the revolutionary technology of the Pulstar Pulse Plug.

Increasing consumer demand and the establishment of distribution through several national auto parts stores has brought the company to new production levels, resulting in new efficiencies and cost savings in the manufacturing process. The original copper electrode Pulstar sold for $24.95 (or more) per plug during most of first year and a half of production, and recently became available at an MSRP of $12.95 as new ’Generation 3’ manufacturing technology was fully implemented.

“Pulstars are much more complex internally than spark plugs, but they must be exactly the same size externally, so we have always been challenged with physical durability, particularly of the porcelain component. With Generation 3, our failure rate is consistent with other high quality spark plugs on the market.” reports Lou Camilli, President and Chief Technical Officer of Enerpulse. “Now, as we introduce the Platinum and Iridium electrode models, we offer additional choice to the consumer, based on their driving style. The Platinum Pulstar is a significant upgrade from the earlier copper electrode Pulstars, but we are suggesting a retail price of only $9.95 per plug, a 20% cost reduction simultaneous with a major increase in service life due to the extra durability of platinum vs. copper.”

Driving styles fall into two broad categories, according to extensive market research. “Just as many people consider fuel economy very strongly in their vehicle purchase decisions, many also DRIVE their vehicles with a deliberate effort to conserve gas. They are gentle on the accelerator, they don’t have to be in the fast lane to be comfortable, and they keep their air filter and oil changes on schedule. These drivers will upgrade to Platinum Pulstar Plugs and see an improvement in fuel economy of 7%, or more. This translates to recovering the cost of a set of brand new Pulstar Platinum plugs in about ten thousand miles of driving a six cylinder sedan and paying $2.50 a gallon for gas. Higher gas prices mean an even faster payback.”

The other category of drivers uses the accelerator a bit like an adrenalin pump. We all have our moments. Acceleration just feels good; maybe it’s a control thing. And the largest sporting events in the world are conducted at race tracks. “At $12.95 each, Iridium Pulstar Plugs provide a much lower ‘cost per horsepower gained’ than aftermarket mods such as air intake or exhaust systems. We have seen as much as a 17% increase in some vehicles, but 2% to 3% is more realistic. The 2% to 3% in TORQUE that is also typically achieved is the real attention getter.” Drivers consistently report a different “feel”, especially when just beginning to accelerate. “TORQUE is what you FEEL!” It was obvious that Camilli identifies with category B.

Enerpulse is also introducing the Iridium Pulstar in two sizes that will fit over 1,800 popular motorcycles, including Harley Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, and BMW models. “Motorcycle riders are much more sensitive to performance, and we have gotten an extremely enthusiastic reaction from the riding community!”

One of Pulstars’ most ardent resellers is Lou Bledsoe, who markets Pulstars on eBay and his own website. “100% positive feedback and almost every transaction has been a Pulstar sale.” Bledsoe is a classic Category A driver. He has been using Pulstars in his family vehicles since hearing about them on NPR in April of 2008. “We installed the Pulstars in a Volvo, a BMW, and our faithful 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4×4 V8 with over 150,000 miles on it. They all improved, but the Jeep amazed us, jumping up to over 19 miles per gallon on the highway.” If you have to be convinced to be convincing, both Lou’s will look you in the eye without blinking. “Pulstar Pulse Plugs make a difference you can feel as you drive, a difference you can measure with a dynamometer and emissions tester, and a difference you can count in dollars and cents at the gas pump.”


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