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Wisconsin Hero Pilot Helps Passengers Rediscover Lost Freedom


Wisconsin pilot Jeffrey Skiles, of US Airways Flight 1549 dubbed, “The Miracle on the Hudson”, which in January made a heroic emergency water landing in the Hudson River, is once again helping airline passengers in desperate need of help.

Skiles has recently contributed a gripping and informational foreword to the Takeoff Today Program, a well known program developed for individuals seeking to overcome their fear of flying available at In the foreword, Skiles speaks openly about his own experience as a pilot on Flight 1549, how it effected his life as a pilot, and exactly how he was able to return to the cockpit within two short weeks without any fear about flying that one may expect.

Rich Presta, the author of the Takeoff Today Program states, “A fear of flying can be very debilitating and may get in the way of people fostering relationships with friends and family, advancing at work, or simply experiencing all that easy and efficient air travel has to offer. During the creation of the Takeoff Today Program, we worked very closely with many seasoned pilots, flight attendants, aircraft mechanics, air traffic controllers, and other professionals in the aviation industry to ensure we provide the best information for conquering flying anxiety possible, but we are certainly grateful and fortunate to have such a powerful contribution from someone as noteworthy as Jeffrey Skiles who together with Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger proved their bravery that January day.”

It has been estimated that as many as one in four people struggle with a fear of flying and that the number of people who either avoid flying completely due to fear or fly with great distress in the United States alone is measured in the millions. The generous contribution Skiles has made will allow fearful fliers to obtain a much better understanding of flight from a pilots’ perspective and goes to great lengths to dispel long standing myths about flying that cause unnecessary fear or anxiety for many passengers.

Skiles is not only without fear since he has returned to flying, but he further goes on to point out, “As a pilot of great experience who has literally survived a plane crash, I anxiously await my next flight. When you close that cockpit door, you leave all the troubles of the world on the other side. You are transported to a world of great beauty. There is no experience quite like picking your way through a thunderstorm line at 37,000 feet. Watching the storm cells grow and roil like living things before your eyes; the cloud tops blowing off the top downwind. Or the beauty of the night sky on a red eye flight. There’s something about leaving the earth that puts all the things you thought were important in perspective"

Skiles’ foreword and a other free resources for fearful fliers can found on the Takeoff Today Program website at Program author Presta added, “It’s critical to me personally that those with a fear of flying have the opportunity to access the information needed to feel more comfortable flying and overcome their fear, so I work hard to make it easy for anyone to learn the facts about flying so they can put their fears behind them and move on with their life without restrictions.”

Rich Presta developed the Takeoff Today Program after successfully overcoming his own severe fear of flying. His programs and books on anxiety and fears have been seen in Psychology Today and Natural Health magazines, as well as on Discovery Health channel, and MSNBC. Jeffrey Skiles was the First Officer on Flight 1549, has been flying for over 34 years and has logged over 20,000 hours of flying time. For more information on the Takeoff Today Program or to obtain a complimentary copy of the foreword authored by Jeffery Skiles, visit


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