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Nissan Releases New Fuga Luxury Sedan


YOKOHAMA. Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. announces the release of the new Fuga luxury sedan, which goes on sale today at Nissan dealers nationwide.

The all-new Nissan Fuga was created as an intelligent, premium sedan offering a tailored and vibrant experience for its driver and passengers. It combines a dynamic exterior created to appeal to the senses with a spacious, open and comfortable interior. Fuga also features a wide range of technologies, supporting Eco-driving and a high level of safety and security - including an ECO-pedal, Cornering Stability Assist and an advanced Driving Safety Support System for approaching low-visibility intersections, which was developed from the results of SKY Project.*1

Building on the strong features of the first-generation Fuga, which was originally released in October 2004, the new Fuga continues as a Nissan flagship model. Like the original, the new Fuga is expected to be highly appreciated for its outstanding driving performance, interior quality and comfort, all which go beyond the expectations of a traditional luxury vehicle.

The new Fuga is available in a range of models and in a choice of two advanced powerplants, a 2.5-liter VQ25HR engine and a 3.7-liter VQ37VHR engine with Nissan’s Variable Valve Event and Lift (VVEL) system. The 2.5-liter engine model also qualifies for Japan’s preferential tax scheme for environment-friendly vehicles*2 with automobile acquisition tax and automobile weight tax reduced by either 75% or 50%.

A Dynamic Exterior Designed to Appeal to the Senses
Nissan Fuga’s beautiful exterior design starts with its classic rear-wheel drive proportions, with a long hood and center of gravity biased toward the rear wheels. Its powerful, stable stance is achieved with low nose and deeply sculpted fenders with large-diameter wheels, while the large, low-slung, grille and bold headlight design – inspired by “vigor of an ink brush” – establishes a strong presence. The sculptured body takes on varied personalities depending on the angle viewed and the quality of light reflected on its surface.
The sporty “370GT Type S” package employs a special front bumper and large diameter 20-inch aluminum wheels. A choice of seven body colors help enhance the stylish exterior design, including three new colors: Deep Bronze, Grayish Blue and Garnet Black.

A Spacious, Open and Comfortable Interior
Inside Fuga’s spacious interior, a high quality, enhanced luxury feeling is expressed through the use of soft, premium semi-aniline leather and wood grain panels coated with genuine silver powder, which gives them an immaculate mirror finish. At the same time, interior comfort is enhanced with a new “Forest AC” air conditioning system that creates the refreshing climate, fragrance and natural breezes of a relaxing forest setting.

The interior’s careful selection of special materials for different areas and functions is based on the analysis of how people’s senses react when they touch things. Softer and more comfortable to the touch compared to the previous generation Fuga, the interior employs semi-aniline leather that combines a soft-to-the-touch feeling and natural texture, along with Sofiless, a special soft, smooth textured trim material.

Fuga also uses high quality luxury accents that one can feel with the senses, including luxurious door trim with refined curved plate and wood graining, a newly designed analog clock and large-diameter meters using white lighting, which enhances both the luxury feeling and visibility. Also utilized is a new center cluster and new designs for the automatic window switches, map lights and instrumental panel switches.

The dramatic wood grain panels, with silver powder applied by craftsmen, is standard on 370VIP and a factory-installed option on 370GT Type S, 370GT, 250GT, 370GT FOUR models.

The new Fuga also offers the “luxury” of a clean, pollutant-free environment through the innovative “Forest AC” air conditioning. The system is designed to prevent the flow of unpleasant air into the cabin, while creating the refreshing climate, fragrance and natural breezes of relaxing forest settings (standard on 370VIP, 370GT Type S, 370GT, 370GT FOUR, 250GT Type P, 250GT).

In addition to a conventional exhaust sensor, the system systematically controls ventilation by detecting various odors, such as from smoking in the cabin or animals outside the vehicle, to prevent the inflow of unpleasant air into the passenger compartment. The new-generation plasmacluster ion*3 system generates and supplies plasmacluster ions at higher densities than previous systems. These ions maintain cabin air quality by improving reduction of airborne microbes, decomposing and removing mold or viruses, and minimizing adherence of odors on the interior trim surfaces. A high-performance grape seed polyphenol filter is also utilized, which is designed to more effectively remove pollen and dust mites and deactivate allergens in the cabin.

The Forest AC’s aroma diffuser provides two unique aromas, borneol and leaf alcohol, to alleviate boredom and stimulate the driver’s brain. A sense of fluctuating natural breezes is created by the randomly changing volume of air flow, further enhancing passenger comfort.

The Fuga interior also offers an enhanced Personal Driving Position Memory System, which recognizes each driver through the individual Intelligent Key used to unlock the door. Unlike previous systems that only adjusted seating, steering wheel and mirror positions, the new design also retains the individual’s air conditioner, navigation and audio system preferences as programmed in advance. Two people can program original settings (standard on 370VIP, 370GT Type S, 370GT, 370GT FOUR, 250GT Type P, 250GT).

Other advanced systems designed to support interior comfort are the HDD CARWINGS Navigation System with Built-in Terrestrial Digital TV Receiver and the concert hall-quality Bose® Surround Sound System*4 (a factory-installed option on 370VIP, 370GT Type S, 370GT, 370GT FOUR, 250GT Type P, 250GT).

Driving Exhilaration and Environmental Technologies
The new Fuga utilizes a number of advanced technologies to provide enhanced performance and improved fuel economy versus the previous generation Fuga. The 3.7-liter VQ37VHR engine, equipped with Nissan’s Variable Valve Event and Lift (VVEL) system, provides sharp response, high power and high torque. Rated at 245kW (333PS) at 7000 rpm and 363N・m(37.0kgfm) of torque at 5200 rpm, it achieves responsive acceleration, improved fuel efficiency and cleaner exhaust.

The 2.5-liter VQ25HR engine offers 165kW (225PS) of power at 6400 rpm and 258N・m (26.3kgfm) of torque at 4800 rpm and achieves the best fuel efficiency in its class, along with sharp engine response and acceleration.

The 2.5-liter engine model qualifies for the preferential tax scheme for environment-friendly vehicles. Automobile acquisition tax and the automobile weight tax are reduced by either 50% or 75%.

Both engines are mated to an advanced 7-speed automatic transmission with manual mode. Improved fuel efficiency and more direct acceleration are provided by the significantly expanded lock-up region at all speed ranges higher than second gear (compared to the previous 5-speed automatic transmission). A neutral idle control, which lowers excessive fuel consumption while idling, is also employed.

In addition, based on information from the navigation system and radar, gear changes and the lock-up region are optimized depending on driving conditions such as curves, intersections and distance to vehicles ahead. The frequency of the fuel cut increases and cooperative control of the navigation system and the radar, which supports eco-drive, is also newly employed. (Radar control based on distance to vehicles ahead is applied in vehicles with Intelligent Cruise Control.)

Fuga’s body and suspension are also significantly enhanced versus the previous generation Fuga design. With its highly rigid and low-vibration advanced body structure, world-leading handling stability, driving comfort and quietness are achieved, while the lowered rigidity of insulators for the newly developed rear suspension significantly reduces road noise. The optimized link configuration reduces pressure from the ground on rough roads and improves handling stability at all speed ranges.

New double-piston shock absorbers are utilized with the Fuga Sports-tune Suspension (standard on 370GT Type S) and Comfort Suspension (standard on 370VIP, 250GT Type P, a factory-installed option on 370GT, 250GT, 250GT A Package). With damping force controlled according to frequency of input power from the ground, the double-piston structure reduces body sway and vibrations from the road surface that can be felt in the back or feet, thereby improving ride comfort.

Fuga’s advanced environmental technologies include a new ECO-pedal, which provides information to the driver for more fuel-efficient driving, and an ECO-mode (part of the Drive Mode Selector) that improves the vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

The ECO-pedal, which works when the driver chooses ECO-mode, provides immediate and constant driver feedback. If the driver exerts excess pressure on the acceleration pedal, engine revolutions are increased and fuel efficiency deteriorates. The system counteracts these actions in advance with a pedal push-back control mechanism, alerting the driver through subtle pressure against the foot. Tests have shown that effective eco-driving behavior with ECO Pedal drive assist contributes to improved fuel efficiency of 5-10%*5 in most driving conditions. The ECO-pedal is standard on 370 VIP, and a factory-installed option on 370GT Type S, 370GT FOUR, 370GT, 250GT Type P and 250GT.

Nissan’s first vehicle-integrated control system, “Drive Mode Selector,” is fitted as standard equipment on all Fuga models. The driver can enjoy various driving modes, depending on the scene or driving conditions, adjusting functions such as powertrain, ECO-pedal, 4WAS (standard on 370GT Type S) and Cornering Stability Assist (standard on 370 VIP, a factory-installed option on 370GT Type S, 370GT FOUR, 370GT, 250GT Type P and 250GT) simply by selecting a mode with a dial located under the shift knob. In addition to the STANDARD mode (suitable for normal driving conditions), the driver can select the fuel-efficient ECO-mode for smooth starts and cruising with stable acceleration, or the SPORT mode for sporty driving where powertrain response is enhanced and characteristics of the Cornering Stability Assist or 4WAS systems are changed.

Another advanced Fuga technology designed to enhance driving performance is Active Noise Control. Opposite-phase sound is produced in four door speakers to reduce unpleasant muffled sound generated by synchronization with engine revolutions when the torque converter locks up. Along with providing a more pleasant interior sound, the lock-up region can be expanded to the lower revolution areas, improving fuel efficiency and direct feeling. In addition, an exhilarating engine sound, linear to high-revolutions, is produced with reduced muffled sound.

Advanced Safety Technologies
The new Fuga offers a number of advanced safety technologies designed to help avoid dangerous situations, part of Nissan’s goal of creating collision-free vehicles.

The Distance Control Assist (Intelligent Pedal) System helps the driver control the distance between the Fuga and the vehicle in front by moving the gas pedal upwards to assist the driver in switching to the brake pedal. For the new generation Fuga, a new function has been added to the system that helps reduce the drivers’ workload when driving on curvy roads by helping them decelerate or brake as the car enters a curve (based on real-time navigation information). The system is standard on 370VIP and a factory-installed option on 370GT Type S, 370GT, 370GT FOUR, 250GT Type P, 250GT.

Another advanced safety technology is the Driving Safety Support System (DSSS*6). Utilizing the results of Nissan’s SKY Project, drivers can receive audible and display warnings (low-visibility intersection alert, stop sign alert and low-visibility signal alert) when approaching some low-visibility intersections via communications with infrastructure on the road*7.

Fuga’s School Zone Alert system provides audible and display warnings to direct the driver’s attention when the vehicle enters an elementary school zone and the system determines that a safety warning is appropriate. School Zone Alert is based on real-time vehicle information, including speed, acceleration and braking.

Fuga’s LDP (Lane Departure Prevention) system builds on LDW (Lane Departure Warning) system that warns the driver to pay attention to driving with a visual display and audible buzzer in case of unintended lane departure. LDP assists the driver in returning the vehicle in the direction of center of the travel lane by generating part of necessary yaw moment and controlling the brake pressure of each individual wheel. It comes standard on 370VIP and as a factory-installed option on 370GT Type S, 370GT, 370GT FOUR, 250GT Type P, 250GT.

Several new features are added to Fuga’s existing Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) function, which stabilizes vehicle behavior, including Cornering Stability Assist. Depending on the driver’s steering, acceleration and braking, the Cornering Stability Assist system optimizes control of braking and engine torque on each of the four wheels to achieve smoother and more stable cornering (standard on 370VIP, a factory-installed option on 370GT Type S, 370GT, 370GT FOUR, 250GT Type P, 250GT).

Also added is Rise-up & Build-up, a system that senses driving demands based on the driver’s steering and acceleration/braking patterns, and individually controls the braking to help smooth vehicle response. In addition, Brake Force Distribution optimizes the distribution of force to each of the four wheels depending on the radius of the curve for smoother and more stable braking.

Fuga’s long list of additional safety and environment technologies include Bi-xenon headlights and Active AFS (Adaptive Front lighting System), bright LED rear combination taillights, side blind-spot monitor, back-view monitor, heated door mirror, flat-blade wipers and Hill Start Assist. Intelligent Cruise Control is standard on 370VIP and a factory-installed option on 370GT Type S, 370GT, 370GT FOUR, 250GT Type P, 250GT.

Additional available equipment includes EBD (Electronic Braking Distribution), ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and 4WAS (4 Wheel Active Steer), which is standard on 370GT Type S. Intelligent Brake Assist comes standard on the 370VIP model and as a factory-installed option on 370GT Type S, 370GT, 370GT FOUR, 250GT Type P, 250GT, while Emergency Brake Operated Pre-crash Front Seat Belts (with comfort function) are standard on 370VIP and a factory-installed option on 370GT Type S, 370GT, 370GT FOUR, 250GT Type P, 250GT.

Pretensioner seat belts with load limiter for front and rear (outer) seats are offered on all Fuga models, along with three-point seat belts with Emergency Locking Retractors (ELRs) with tension reducer for rear (outer) seats, body construction for pedestrian protection (with pop-up engine hood), high-strength Zone Body construction for high safety, SRS air bag systems for the driver and front passenger, SRS side air bag systems for the driver and front passenger, SRS curtain air bag systems, hazard lamps working cooperative with air bags, front-seat Active Head Restraints and an impact-sensitive door unlock system. Three-point seat belts with Emergency Locking Retractors (ELRs) for rear seats are standard on 370GT Type S, 370GT, 370GT FOUR, 370GT FOUR A Package、250GT, 250GT A Package.

The new Fuga achieves SU-LEV certification for all models by emitting 75% fewer exhaust emissions than Japan’s 2005 exhaust emission standards. In addition, Fuga achieves a recyclability rate of more than 95% by weight (as calculated according to the guideline adopted by Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. in 1998 concerning the definition and calculation method of the recyclability rate of new cars).

Fuga also features a reduction of interior volatile organic compounds (VOC) and a fuel economy indication function. Its clean interior environment features were developed from the three perspectives of clean air, human skin friendliness and sanitary/cleanliness.

Sales target: 800 units/month
Price range: 3,990,000 yen to 5,502,000 yen, including consumption tax
Sales launch events: November 21 (Sat.) - 23 (Mon.), 28(Sat.) - 29 (Sun.), 2009

1. *1 SKY stands for Start ITS (Intelligent Transport System) from Kanagawa. Experiment running in Kanagawa Prefecture since October 2006 to reduce accidents and traffic congestion using traffic environment data delivered via data communications networks. It is a joint effort of Nissan, NTT DoCoMo Inc, Panasonic Corp. and Clarion Co., Ltd. (formerly Xanavi Infomatics Corp.).
2. *2 2.5-liter engine model:
For vehicles emitting 75% fewer emissions (SU-LEV) than the levels mandated by Japan’s 2005 exhaust emission regulations and also achieving a 15% improvement in fuel economy over the 2010 fuel economy standards:
50% reduction of the automobile acquisition tax on vehicles newly registered by March 31, 2012 and a
50% reduction of the automobile weight tax on vehicles newly registered by April 30, 2012.

If the vehicle weighs 1,770 kg or above, achieving a 25% improvement in fuel economy over the 2010 fuel economy standards:
75% reduction of the automobile acquisition tax on vehicles newly registered by March 31, 2012 and a
75% reduction of the automobile weight tax on vehicles newly registered by April 30, 2012.
3. *3 “Plasmacluster” and “Plasmacluster ion” are registered trademarks of Sharp Corp.
4. *4 25cmNdTM Woofers are installed as well in vehicles equipped with Bose® Surround Audio System.
5. *5 Based on Nissan’s internal research data.
6. *6 DSSS stands for Driving Safety Support System. A continual project by the National Police Agency and its corporation Universal Traffic Management Society of Japan (UTMS) which aims to reduce traffic accidents utilizing the latest ITS technologies such as road-car communications with optical beacon for DSSS.
7. *7 VICS (beacon) receiver (dealer-installed option) is required to receive the information from infrastructure. As of Nov. 2009, infrastructure on the road (optical beacon for DSSS) is not operated. The police will announce where to install before operation starts.


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