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Cat Training Website Announces War On Credit Crunch


Cat training isn’t always about fancy party tricks and showboating.

Training a cat can also help cat owners save a huge amount of money immediately and long term, which should come in handy during the current economic climate.

Here’s how...

Although some costs of owning a cat are obvious, other financial stings could be lurking around the next corner, from a fiery feline who wants to turn their owner’s best shoes, leather sofa and Persian rug into a torn up toilet patch.

So during the credit crunch, it’s easy to see why more and more cat owners are looking for ways to take back control of their furry little friends, and ease the financial burden of a cat that isn’t meeting them half way.

There are many things cat owners can do to cut costs in an economic downturn, such as switching to cheaper brands, or finding a more competitively priced vet.

However, by far the biggest and most unexpected cost any cat owner will face, is the cost of an unruly cat.

And whilst neglect from proper health care, regular check ups and grooming can contribute to a cat’s veterinary bill, the damage an untrained cat can do to the average home (or to the cat themselves) as a result of disobedient behavior, can also burn a hole in the wallet very quickly too.

For example, when kitty decides to run her cute little claws down the side of a $1500 leather sofa, or pee and poop on that new Persian rug, many cat owners suddenly find themselves in a world of frustration, raised blood pressure and of course, more financial strain.

It’s no wonder then, that cat owners across the US and the UK, are beginning to pay close attention to their cat’s psychological needs and problems too with more and more “day care” centers appearing in different areas across the two countries.

According to Nick Brydon, owner of, ”Cat training is essential, not just for the cat’s own benefit, but for the entire family’s benefit too. The key thing to understand is that cats need the same level of understanding that dogs usually get, in order to create a solid emotional bond with you... and in order to have any hope of eliminating bad behavior problems for good.”

”And when it comes to saving money, there is little room for a cat that is tearing your possessions to pieces,costing you large veterinary bills, or racking up costs at the local market for cleaning products, ” Brydon adds.

So how are cat owners able to understand why their cat is chewing shoes, clawing their kids, or digging up indoor plants the moment they are left hone alone?

Furthermore, what can cat owners actually do to put an end the destructive cat behavior and the ongoing costs these problems cause?

“The truth is, cats do not respond to the same things that dogs do, so training cats requires a different approach than dogs,” Brydon claims.

“In order to stop your cat from tearing your home to pieces, acting aggressively or anti-socially... you need to introduce something called Classical Training. This is a proven method which I teach people at my new website, which allows your cat to associate their bad behavior with a negative consequence,” Brydon continues. ”This training is proving to work extremely well for my own subscribers too. With the Classical Conditioning approach, your cat only associates their bad behavior with a negative consequence, not with you instead.”

“Why is this different to the usual cat cat training methods out there? Well, many training methods do the opposite, and cause the cat owner to become feared by their cats. This is the result of the old style punishments such as handling and yelling, which only cause your cat to simply wait until you’re not home to begin their path of destruction.” Says Brydon.

So if cat training is possible, how can it be a saviour in today’s economic credit crunch?

”By training your cat, it’s not really about cute party tricks. It’s about taming your cat in such a way that they no longer shred your carpet, your clothes, your skin... and they actually use the litter tray instead of your best carpet. This alone can save the most credit conscious cat owner a small fortune over the course of 12 months.”

“Furthermore, the average cat owner can expect to save a significant amount on cleaning bills, veterinary bills (when a naughty cat runs into physical danger), and according to studies, even lower the cat owner’s own personal health bills... as a well behaved cat will lower your blood pressure and actually improve your cholesterol too,” Says Brydon.

So the message is clear - cat training is both psychologically and financially rewarding for both the cat owner, the family and the cat too.

In today’s credit conscious times, and with the average cat owner now spending approximately $20 per week on various products to care and feed their cats, any savings that can be made elsewhere as a cat owner are sure to be appreciated by cat lovers from all corners of the globe right now.

Nick Brydon also adds: "As more and more people become aware of the huge range of benefits of a well behaved, loving and safe cat, the more services are starting to appear to accommodate this growing need... especially in the US. That is one of the reasons why I decided to launch the brand new website, giving proud cat owners a way to train their cat by signing up for their Free 9 Part email course which they can sign up for today when they visit the site.”

Nick Brydon is the publisher and owner of, where right now he is offering a Free 9 part email guide on training cats from scratch, without dangerous, costly or outdated advice.


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