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Private Investigator in Costa Rica Warn Americans To Be Diligent and Vigilant


Investigator and business advisor, Cody L. Gear, sheds light on potential problems in Costa Rica if not done correctly.

“After many years of experience with Costa Rican law I have come to the conclusion that anyone contemplating relocating or having a romantic relationship here needs the assistance of a licensed Costa Rican attorney from the start.” Gear went on to explain: “horror story after horror story have been related to me by clients who tried to do things the way they are done in the United States, only to lose everything that they have invested. ”

Gear went on to say that “no one wants to experience financial or emotional hardship, but the aftermath of entering into any type of relationship, whether business or personal can have severe consequences.” As documented in several well publicized cases, the opportunity to commit fraud here is easier than in the United States. This is primarily due to the lack of administrative oversight boards that regulate professions such as real estate agents and mortgage brokers. There are no licensing requirements to do either and if one falls victim to a scam it will take a long time and a lot of money to try and recover what has been lost. In some cases all is lost with no hope of recovery.

“One thing Americans lose sight of when coming to this beautiful country is that they are no longer in the United States”, Gear said. He pointed out that as Americans we expect people who come to our country to obey and respect our laws and the Costa Ricans are no less passionate about their laws being obeyed and followed. He said that the last thing Costa Ricans want to hear is “in my country this is how we do things”. Gear said: “One of the most frustrating experiences in Costa Rica is the amount of time and money it takes to accomplish anything judicially.” It is well known that the judicial process in Costa Rica is complicated and requires time, patience and money to traverse.

Gear added: “personal relationships present another set of problems”. As in the United States, there are laws here designed to protect the rights and interests of Costa Ricans. More specifically, Costa Rican women. He related that American men who are disenfranchised with American women who come here seeking a romantic relationship, will in many cases, fair far worse in Costa Rica than in the United States. The reason for this is due to the laws of Costa Rica that allow Costa Rican women to do things that are not permitted in the United States. He cited the differences in practices at hospitals when a Costa Rican woman has a baby. In the United States both parents are required to give information as to paternity. If there is any question concerning paternity a pre-birth DNA exam can be done without much difficulty. In Costa Rica this is not the case. While in the hospital the mother is asked who is the father and she can give any name she wants. It makes no difference who she says, that is the name that will appear on the birth certificate. The man in question is never contacted or asked if he fathered the child. The law in Costa Rica will require support for that child and will not permit the father whose name appears on the birth certificate to leave the country without first posting support equivalent to 13 months of support. According to Gear it can take up to 2 years to unravel this problem and the chances of recovering the ’support’ is somewhere between “nil and nonexistent. ”

Another problem is the aftermath of a marriage that has wound up in divorce in the United States. If the proper steps have not been taken in Costa Rica prior to the marriage protecting assets prior to the marriage, an American man may find himself in jeopardy of losing everything, even if he has a prenuptial agreement. A Costa Rican National can return to their country and bring an action against their spouse obtain a judgment and have it executed in the United States. For this reason Gear recommends that prior to a marriage take the time to speak with a Costa Rican Attorney and learn what can be done to protect your rights and interests.

Gear said that anyone seeking information can contact him for further information through his website ( or can call him at 321-218-9209.


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