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LookChina, Inc. Launches 4-way Stretchable Spacer Knitted Fabric QuikSlim®


In pursuit of knitting innovation, LookChina, Inc. has developed a feature-enhanced 4-way stretchable knitted spacer fabric that has a promising utilization in home textiles, automobile, apparel and medical industries.

4-way stretchable knitted spacer fabrics are constructed like a sandwich; a fabric layer on the top and bottom, with a third connecting layer tucked in-between. It is a three-dimensional integrated fabric structure with no foam, no adhesive and no Latex. This fabric enjoys great longevity without the deterioration and breathablity problems that normally accompanies a laminated product. LookChina’s new feature-enhanced 4-way stretchable knitted spacer fabric offers several characters:
1) Even compression in all directions (4-way stretchable) and cushioning effect
2) Thermal insulation, temperature regulation, air permeability and breathablity
3) Lasting and sustained compression memory
4) Easy care, machine washable and tumble dry
5) No yarn raveling

In fabric development, there are commercial incentives to add additional features to the aesthetic value of fabric. However, “value-added” features are also being developed to create solutions for specific applications. Researchers have revealed that the comfortablilty consumers’ experience when wearing apparel is closely related to fabric three main factors:
1) Temperature control,
2) Moisture management and
3) Customized compression.

The apparel industry has been using stretchable fabrics for years and apparel marketing campaigns have done a good job advertising the temperature control and moisture management factors as benefits to consumers. As a result, buzz words such as thermo, insulated, breathable, absorbent, wicking, Quick Dry, Double Dry, Wind/waterproof, and Cool, are common. Most consumers have experienced pleasing benefits when wearing apparel made from fabrics with a compression factor, such as stockings, socks, long johns, bras, briefs, gloves, headbands, turtle-neck sweaters, but this factor has not been as highly publicized as temperature control and moisture management.

Because the compression factor found in stretchable fabrics allows the garment to contour to the shape of the human body while offering aerodynamic and freedom of movement advantages, it is being used in sportswear apparel and has become known as “Compression Wear”.

In addition, stretchable fabric has been used in the medical field for years. Doctors have been using and prescribing 2-way stretchable fabric as compression wear to patients, such as stretchable bandages, compression socks and elastic wraps, which are applied to foot, ankle, knee, wrist, elbow, back, and shoulder injuries; these elastic textile materials offer key healing power generated from fabric “compression”. Research has shown that the correct degree of compression in appliances used in medical treatments offer the following benefits:

1) Reduction in the fluid build up in surgical area (Edema reduction and management);
2) Compression of body tissues, which speeds up the healing process;
3) Support and promotion of new skin adhesion to newly contoured surfaces;
4) Holds surgical dressing in place; allowing the patient to have more freedom of movement; and
5) Enhancement in blood flow.

Although there are many applications that 2-way stretchable or elastic wraps have been used, its construction does not provide even compression distribution, its monotone or narrow range of compression with poor elastic memory limits its use in medical garments for patients. Until recently, most compression wear apparel has been made from 2-way stretchable or a thin 4-way stretchable knitted fabric with or without lamination of the center element. However, newer fabrics which provide a 4-way stretch, even compression, air permeability, and thermal insulation with cushioning effects are emerging as “Healing Wear”.

Healing wear is a compression medical garment with a specific purpose: to encourage the healing and recovery process after a reconstructive or aesthetic medical procedure, and to help the skin conform to its new contours. Current uses include maternity and postpartum support products for pregnant women and garments for cesarean incision healing, stretched abdominal muscles, abdominal separation, spinal realignment, back pain, posture improvement, organ repositioning, ligament stabilization, breast tenderness and liposuction for both men and women.

Healing wear requires the fabric to possess the following physical properties:
1) Even compression in all directions (4-way stretchable) and cushioning effect
2) Thermal insulation, temperature regulation, air permeability and breathablity
3) Lasting and sustained compression memory
4) Easy care, machine washable and tumble dry
5) No yarn raveling, which to retain healing wear’s integrity after been cut or pierced, as holes are often made to accommodate patient fluid drain or intravenous tubes during medical treatment

In additional to the fabric quality requirements listed above, healing wear garment production requires customization to ensure accurate compression is applied to the uniqueness of the personal physiques or a special surgical area.

LookChina’s new feature-enhanced 4-way stretchable knitted spacer fabric has special properties and versatility. They believe their spacer fabric will positively impact usability of spacer fabric in home textiles, automobile interiors, apparel and medical applications. 4-way stretchable knitted spacer fabric will offer consumers a great deal of opportunities by altering yarn selection and spacer gauge, it results modifying fabric weight, thickness, aesthetics, physical properties and cost of the fabric to meet market specific needs.

LookChina, Inc. is offering 4-way stretchable spacer knitted fabric QuikSlim® in 12 fashionable colors for 2010 season. This fabric is made of 90% polyester and 10% Lycra, fabric width 60 inches, weight 310 GSM (Grams Per Square Meter) or 9 OSY (Ounces per square yard). The current release is limited to our signature color “Deep Space” for promotional sales.

For fabric samples or sales inquiries contact: or toll free: 1-888-779-7996.


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