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Panasonic Introduces Newly-Designed Irons With Unique Elliptical-Shaped Soleplate to Help Busy Consumers Iron Quicker


Panasonic 360° Quick™ Irons allow for fast multidirectional ironing; with innovative new features embraced by consumers in nationwide survey

SECAUCUS, NJ .– According to a nationwide survey of more than 1,000 people, ironing clothes is considered by many a “necessary evil” – so to help make this mundane chore a less time-consuming one, Panasonic introduces the Panasonic 360° Quick™ Irons: three new models specifically designed for quick multidirectional movement. These new irons have a unique elliptical-shaped and oversized soleplate that is pointed on both ends, along with fatigue-reducing ergonomic design that allows smooth 360° movement, thus ironing takes less time. Panasonic research found that using the 360° Quick Irons removed wrinkles from dress shirts in 25 percent less time than a conventional corded Panasonic iron.

While conventional straight-backed iron soleplates may sometimes catch on fabric and actually create creases when moving backwards or side-to-side, Panasonic’s 360° Quick models prevents creasing with points at either end. Additionally, the bottom of the soleplate is slightly curved, making side-to-side movements smooth and easy. Removing wrinkles in any direction is now possible through a natural ergonomic ironing motion. Additionally, because the edge of the oversized soleplate is always visible from above, the iron offers the user more precise control for smoothing collars, cuffs, and those difficult areas around buttons.

“Panasonic may never convince consumers that ironing clothes is fun, but we can at least make it faster and easier,” said Dan Silver, Director, Home Appliance Group, Panasonic Home & Health Company. “This is especially relevant in today’s economy when consumers are rightfully concerned with how they are spending their money and time. The Panasonic 360° Quick Iron provides an inexpensive way to present a neat and professional image by taking a few minutes to iron at home, rather than sending clothes out to be pressed.”

The Panasonic nationwide survey found that 92 percent of respondents said they either might or definitely would replace their current iron if a new model would save them up to 25 percent of the time currently spent ironing. Additional key findings included:

· Thirty-seven percent of respondents reported they definitely would replace their iron in order to take advantage of lower energy consumption (due to shortened ironing time)

· Thirty-five percent of respondents definitely would replace their iron if it had the ability to iron in any direction without turning the iron, and reduce hand and arm fatigue

· Seventy-one percent of respondents stated they ironed to look good

· Sixty-five percent iron at home to save money

In addition to the Panasonic 360° Quick Iron’s unique design, the three steam/dry irons also feature:

* Temperature control dial to set precise heat for all fabrics, including silk
* Adjustable steam from all steam holes to effectively tackle large areas without repeated attempts
* Extra jet (burst) of steam with self-cleaning steam vents to get out stubborn wrinkles
* Large soleplate to speed jobs such as tablecloths and curtains
* 3 way auto-shutoff safety feature to avoid worry

The NI-W810CS iron model, a champagne/black colored model and the NI-W750TS iron, in silver/black, have 74 steam holes around the entire edge of the soleplate, a feature exclusive to Panasonic which helps remove the most stubborn wrinkles. Both Irons also have two features designed to protect both clothes and the iron: an anti-drip capability protects delicate fabrics from water spots; and an anti-calcium function that prevents mineral buildup inside your iron that can clog steam holes.

The top-of-the-line NI-W810CS sets itself apart from the other models with a scratch-resistant ceramic-coated soleplate which is six times more durable than stainless steel. The NI-W750TS has a durable titanium-coated soleplate. The entry-model, the white and black NI-450TS, offers a titanium-coated soleplate with 33 steam holes around the front of the soleplate.

Suggested retail prices for all three models of the Panasonic 360° Quick Iron are: $79.99 for the NI-W810CS; $49.99 for the NI-W750TS; and $39.99 for the NI-450TS. All three irons are available now at


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