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LG Showcases Technological Leadership in Home Appliances at IFA 2009


Berlin.- LG Electronics (LG), an innovator and leader in home appliances, will unveil its latest products for the home at the 2009 Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA), held in Berlin from September 4 to 9. Under the theme of “Upgrade Life for You and Your Family,” the company will demonstrate how it inspires and improves consumers’ lives by providing innovative and sophisticated products. Most of all, IFA 2009 will be the first public showing of its 11kg washing machine, the largest ever in a standard 24-inch cabinet1, which offers maximum efficiency for tackling laundry of any size.

“We study consumers’ lifestyles and reflect their needs in our products,” said Young-ha Lee, President and CEO of LG Electronics Home Appliance Company. “Recently we began hearing customers complain about how much time they were spending doing the family’s laundry. At IFA 2009, we are unveiling one solution to this household chore.”

LG’s home appliance highlights at the show include a series of innovative and stylish products comprising washing machines, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, cooking appliances, built-in appliances and dishwashers. Along with the products, LG will also feature its leading smart technologies that are built into the devices, including Linear Compressor, Inverter Direct Drive™ and dust compression system. IFA 2009 offers the unique opportunity to experience how LG’s latest innovations can upgrade a user’s life.

LG’s stand in Hall 1.1 will consist of three zones representing efficiency, convenience and eco-friendliness. An oversized washing machine gate and drum representing LG’s innovative 11kg washing machine’s key benefits and features will be an audience favorite at the LG stand. Highlights of LG products at IFA 2009 include:

• Washing Machines - Consumers deserve more time for themselves and their families and LG’s smart 11kg washing machine will help save time.

At IFA 2009, LG will showcase its latest washing machines with a massive capacity of 11kg. The 24-inch standard-size cabinet makes the machine suitable for small laundry rooms with limited space while the large drum means fewer wrinkles. Furthermore, its Inverter Direct Drive™ makes LG new washing machine one of the most eco-friendly and durable washing machines on the market today.

Specifically designed to offer total efficiency, this is the world’s largest capacity in a standard 24-inch cabinet and features the industry’s lowest noise, vibration and energy consumption level. It eliminates any wasted space internally to incorporate a drum vo-lume of 78-liters, which is approximately 20-liters greater than a conventional 7kg wash-ing machine.

It employs a newly-designed damping system and a fixed outer tub, which increases the drum size while simultaneously reducing vibration to less than 30㎛ and dropping the noise level to only 54dB for a normal course with the tub spinning at 1400RPM and 52dB when running in Silent Wash mode, much quieter than general conver-sation which measures approximately 60-70dB. Furthermore, with the Inverter Direct Drive™

Technology eliminating wasted energy, owners will use 20-percent less energy than other A-rated washing machines, the lowest level even under the new Energy Label regu-lation.

• Refrigerators - A bigger refrigerator doesn’t mean higher electricity bills.

LG will showcase a wide range of refrigerator products, including side-by-side, Top Mount and Bottom-Freezer. LG’s core innovative technologies for refrigerators include Linear Compressor, VitaLight and Green Ion Door Cooling, which have been worked into the cur-rent generation of products.

This year, LG will introduce its new side-by-side refrigerator, which is specifically de-signed for large capacity storage and top-level energy efficiency. The new refrigerator boasts an enormous 617-liter capacity -- enough to hold approximately 2,460 soft drink cans (250ml) -- but does not extend beyond the depth of a standard size refrigerator. Its innovative Linear Compressor technology lowers energy consumption by approximately 20-percent compared to a conventional compressor, benefiting owners with excellent ef-ficiency in energy, space and accessibility. A black brushed stainless steel finish and white LED takes the refrigerator beyond merely being a functional white good and adds a unique and distinguished style to the owner’s kitchen.

• Cooking Appliances - Owners can transform themselves into home chefs with LG’s innovative light wave ovens.

At IFA 2009, LG will showcase its newest steam SolarCUBE, whose light wave technology offers a more efficient and enjoyable cooking experience by delivering the taste of chef-quality food in the comfort of one’s home. Its steam function breaks down fewer nu-trients such as Vitamin C and reduces saturated fat and sodium to help make food tastier and healthier.

The new oven also offers high energy efficiency and its compact and stylish design looks great in any kitchen.
In addition to SolarCUBE, LG’s DuoChef, the world’s first convection microwave oven with two fans and pizza griller, will be also featured.

• Vacuum Cleaners - Vacuum cleaning is no longer an arduous job.

Highlights from LG’s exhibition at IFA 2009 will include its new bag-less vacuum cleaner, KOMPRESSORTM, with LG’s innovative steam function and Sani Punch nozzle.

LG’s world renowned steam technology offers both vacuuming and mopping options which helps save precious time while ensuring deeper cleaning. In addition, the Sani Punch noz-zle is specifically designed for fabrics and reduces dust mites and allergens in mattresses, quilts and blankets. It is equipped with a bar that vibrates more than 3,000 times a minute to reduce dust mites on fabric and even helps eliminate a significant amount of dust below the surface. LG also reduced the moving resistance of the nozzle by 75-percent compared to conventional nozzles, allowing it to glide easily across surfaces.

Furthermore, the new vacuum cleaner includes motorized dust compression technology, now more efficient than ever before. Dust compression offers consumers complete and effortless cleaning for a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment. KOMPRES-SORTM compresses dust into compacted wedge, reducing airborne allergens and making disposal quick and easy with just a simple flick of the wrist. Users also don’t have to empty KOMPRESSORTM as frequently as standard vacuum cleaners as the compressed dust takes up less space. It is the ultimate solution for a cleaner, healthier lifestyle, minimiz-ing the effort required to clean while still delivering maximum results.

Also at IFA 2009, LG will demonstrate the new Roboking, its latest robot vacuum cleaner.

• Built-in Appliances - Add style to any home.

LG’s built-in Appliances create an even more convenient and efficient kitchen environ-ment by combining individual appliances into a well-designed package with easy-to-use features. LG provides a variety of options and models in ovens, hobs, hoods, refrigerators, dishwashers and microwave ovens, representing a full line-up of built-in appliances.

At IFA 2009, LG will showcase its artistic flower-patterned design for built-in appliances, which contributes to a modern and stylish kitchen environment. In addition, LG will in-troduce a stylish built-in side-by-side refrigerator which is fully clad in chic stainless steel. The new side-by-side refrigerator would be a premium addition to any kitchen, allowing owners to store more food with two extra shelves thanks to the door-mounted ice maker. LG’s Linear Compressor also enhances the energy efficiency of the refrigerator while its Opti Temp Zone™ helps keep food fresher longer.

• Dishwashers - With LG’s new dishwasher, everyone will fight to do the dishes.

LG’s new dishwasher offers more storage space and dynamic performance with health-conscious technology. With a slim Direct Drive system, the height of the tub is increased which expands the washing capacity to allow for larger-sized plates and enough room for fourteen place settings. Wash mode is nearly silent, measuring only 43dB when operating.

The new dishwasher provides additional yet substantial benefits to the customer through health-oriented features and eco-friendly attributes. It includes a UV lamp for preventing the growth of bacteria and eliminates up to 99-percent of remaining bacteria after the wash cycle. The UV lamp allows users to hygienically store dishes inside the tub for up to four hours after the wash cycle. Its height-adjustable third cutlery rack also allows users to easily load and unload flatware and utensils including large scoops, making it more functional and efficient.

LG plans to hold a press conference on September 2 at 16:00, two days before the official opening day of IFA 2009. The media event will offer details related to LG’s home appliance business, key products and its most current product line. LG will unveil its ambitious new quiet and eco-friendly 11kg washing machine at this program and also demonstrate how LG products perform in the real world so the audience can directly experience the company’s innovative technologies. Finger foods prepared on-the-spot in steam light wave ovens will be served and a demonstration of how LG’s steam vacuum cleaner featuring Sani Punch can con-trol dust mites on bedding will be performed.

IFA is one of the world’s largest consumer electronics tradeshows with home appliance prod-ucts being included for the first time in 2008. Last year 1,212 brands exhibited at the show and attracted approximately 222,780 visitors.


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