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50 Ways to Rock a Lighter

WEBWIRE Launch Instructional Lighter Trick DVD.

OSLO, NORWAY/ SANTA CRUZ, CA, January 13th., 2005 – Ever since the iconic Zippo lighter was introduced back in 1933, simple variations of smart tricks to open, ignite and close the Zippo lighter have been an important component when pursuing coolness and class. Zippo tricks made for instance George Clooney’s character look cool in Out Of Sight, while Drew Barrymore was flicking her Zippo in style in Charlie’s Angels. The list of Hollywood movies using Zippo lighter tricks is almost endless.
However, it wasn’t until 1996 that the art of performing these tricks started to evolve beyond the basic moves previously seen. With the launch of (previously known as, an avalanche of new techniques and tricks were invented as the tricks concept grew into a global movement. With the launch of “50 Ways to Rock a Lighter” 50 of these tricks are now detailed in full quality on a learning DVD for the first time.

Featuring Trick Guru Alexander Aarvik
“50 Ways to Rock a Lighter” features Norwegian native Alexander Aarvik (18). Despite his young age, Alexander is one of the most distinguished tricksters associated with Since 2001 Alexander Aarvik has contributed new tricks and techniques to’s ever-growing archive of tricks (currently holding 735 unique tricks), including the groundbreaking “Goofy Style”.
“It was actually my sister who got me into tricking in the first place”, Aarvik explains. Having received a Zippo lighter as a gift at the age of 14, Alexander’s fascination for Zippo lighters was limited to collecting.
“My sister showed how to squeeze open the lighter. I remember that I practiced like crazy and when I finally nailed it, it changed everything”, Alexander says.
Although his skills as an experienced lighter trickster has garned him celebrity-like status
amongst the tricksters frequenting – some 1 million per month – Alexander don’t want to exaggerate the importance of his skills.
“It’s not like snowboarding or skateboarding in the sense that you can turn this hobby into a profession. Zippo lighter tricking is fun and it is a perfect ice-breaker. That’s all”, Aarvik explains.
“When you learn some of these tricks you will experience first hand that ‘50 Ways to
Dramatically Reduce Your Bar Tab’ would perhaps be a more suitable title for this DVD”,
site-founder Morten Kjolberg adds.

On the DVD Aarvik will guide viewers through 50 selected tricks from the collection. Each trick is presented in two different angles plus a walkthrough and slow motion. In addition to the tricks the DVD includes amongst others a Basic Skills section with 24 basic techniques and a Maintenance section detailing 6 different skills necessary to keep your lighter in tip top tricking condition.
“The DVD will be available in both a right- and a left-handed version”, Kjolberg adds.

“50 Ways to Rock a Lighter” is launched in association with
“Working with guarantees us solid online presence and makes the DVD
globally available via the Video Shop, Amazon, Yahoo Stores, Froogle and, Kjolberg explains.
In addition to online availability, “50 Ways to Rock a Lighter” will hopefully also be
available through traditional distribution. “We are currently focusing our efforts on setting up distribution for the US, Japan and Europe, but hope to include other markets as soon as possible, Kjolberg says.

Niche product with huge potential
· There are over 400 million Zippo lighters sold worldwide. Many Zippo owners are
considered “Collectors”.
· According to NFO Panel Survey (2000), 4% of US households collect Zippo lighters
– about 4 million people.
· According to the same survey 10% of all US smokers are considered Zippo lighter
· In the US 42% of the respondents own a Zippo lighter, 10% own two and 5% own
five or more according to a study by Leferman Associates (2000).
· In the same study 42% of Zippo lighter owners in the age group 18-34 said they
bought a Zippo in order to look cool/do tricks.
· The website attracts approximately 1 million unique users each
month – primarily young male adults between 18 and 34.

DVD Info:
TITLE: 50 Ways to Rock a Lighter
FEATURING: Alexander “Alex” Aarvik
PRODUCED BY: M. Kjolberg/ Working Class Zero
VERSIONS: Available in both right-handed and left-handed versions.

English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese and Japanese.

AVAILABLE TRICKS: Spinning Wheel * The Gun * Twilight Zone * Inside Out * Fire Spin Advanced * Back And Forth Advanced * Backdraft 2 * Bond Style * Ice Cool * Confluent Bondsmen * Double Smack * English Rose * Wet Panties * Press It! * Flip It! * Goofy Style 1 * Goofy Style 2 * Goofy Style 3 * Goofy Style 4 * Goofy Style 5 * Goofy Style 6 * Goofy Style 7 * Goofy Style 8 * Hit & Run * Hit & Run Advanced * Hit n’ Spin * Legally Blind * Merry-go-round * New Balance * One Move Almost * Open Always * Oppressor Pig * Over-The-Hill * Sticky Fingers * Goofy’s Back * Power Squeeze * Push It! * Resurrection * Ring Ignitor * Slam * Boomerang * Slugger * Twisted Spin * Snap * Goofy & Pain * Tilter * Transport * UFO * Universal Spin * Wet Pastries * Zippo Tango.


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